Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adult Protective Services: Elder Abuse is No Laughing Matter

In spring 2015, California's legislature held a joint hearing on deficiencies in Adult Protective Services. Many APS investigators and managers testified to their lack of training and their inability to do their jobs.

The daughter of a elder abuse victim spoke of her mother being physically and sexually abused in an assisted living facility. APS substantiated the abuse and walked away. Social services workers smirked and laughed as the victim's daughter told her story.

YouTube:  Adult Protective Services:  Elder Abuse is No Laughing Matter



It is infuriating to see that these Adult Protective Services employees find elder abuse so funny, but I am glad that this was captured on film for others to see...since a few frames of them on film laughing are worth tens of thousands of words I must have written and spoken by now about my experience with Adult Protective Services in San Diego. One call to APS asking for help, triggered the start of a hellish nightmare for our Dad and our family that we will never recover from. As Marti Oakley so perfectly sums it up,“If Adult Protective Services was actually focused on protecting vulnerable adults, they have only to look to our streets that are littered with homeless, hungry and many times disoriented adults of all ages who desperately need help and protection. But…. these people have no money, and no estates to loot. APS steps over these individuals in order to get to those who have assets.” Our Dad had money...Laurie Schneider, APS Specialist is paid $95,660.82 to play headhunter for the Public Guardian...feeding them cash cows while racking up brownie points or whatever they call it for APS to keep the funding rolling in so she and the others keep getting their bloated salaries and benefits and retirements. Our Dad was renamed, "Ward" and given a one way ticket into a Public Guardian conservatorship and living in drugged isolation at a Merrill Gardens hell hole until one too many "unwitnessed falls" and head injuries killed him. I am sure they all laughed down at APS over that...I know my calls at least got annoyed sighs. I hope that Rebecca Gonzales (National Association of Social Workers-California Chapter)...the laughing hyena who stood behind Linda Kincaid as she spoke of her mother's horrific treatment...get's the smile wiped off her face in the form of losing her job...a first step in cleaning up APS? He who laughs last... Good thing Kincaid did not see her laughing or, if she is like me at all...she might have wiped the laughing smile off her face with a swift slap or something. How incredibly rude that was, but revealing...APS at its lowest. Joan Landis (Dad is Clarence Landis RIP)

StandUp said...

I am so glad these poor excuses for APS workers were caught on tape!

Finny said...

I'm glad they were caught too. Now it's public record and undeniable.

I'm also sorry about your Dad, Joan Landis.