Sunday, August 21, 2016

Children Aren't Being Told After Parents Die. CHANGE THE LAW

Imagine browsing your dad's social media page one day and discovering that he had died...months earlier.

That's where my story begins.

Close your eyes and envision all of the best memories you can ever recall about your father or mother, or the person you call mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa.

Imagine how would you feel if that parent (or grandparent) died, and you were never told?? Did you know that this can happen to anyone, and our current laws allow it?

I am my late father's only birth child (an only son). I had a relationship with my father for nearly 50 years. He was married to his 4th wife (not my birth mom). He was a grandfather to my kids.

He was originally from Wisconsin, but later moved to Chicago, then California, while I lived in another state. When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he called me to tell me he was headed for immediate aggressive chemo treatment, and then urged me not to come out to visit him.

His widow has since indicated she felt I should have dropped everything and traveled out to visit him. My dad and I arranged to visit at a later date after his initial treatment. Soon after, he received a more positive prognosis, and became more optimistic.

We were in contact about his estate plans and the activities of his grandkids, as recently as days before his death.

He passed away after deteriorating rapidly (days after my last call with him). I learned this only after discovering a eulogy message posted to him on his social media page...several WEEKS later.

I was not notified of his death by his wife, OR by any other member of my family. Nobody contacted me by any means of communication (which they had). I've since learned this is called isolation abuse.  (Click to continue)

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Children Aren't Being Told After Parents Die. CHANGE THE LAW


Cassie said...

It's hard to believe there is such cruelty in our country. This is shameful.

Wes said...

This makes me sick to my stomach. I can't imagine what this son endured and the pain of the day he saw it on social media.

StandUp said...

It happens all the time. People need to know this is not rare or it didn't just happen to this family.