Thursday, August 25, 2016

For the First Time Ever, Guardianship Abuse is the Subject of a Political Ad, Featuring Veteran Guadelupe Olvera

Freedom Partners Action Fund today announced a new TV and digital ad campaign backed by $1.2 million in Nevada illustrating how Catherine Cortez Masto let down Nevada seniors by failing to hold a state government program accountable.

Guadalupe Olvera was a veteran of World War II. Olvera was also thrust into Nevada’s guardianship program, which the Las Vegas Review-Journal later described as “ripe for abuse.”

When his wife passed away in 2009, Olvera wanted to move to California. His daughter, who lived in California, wanted him to move there, too. So Olvera was assigned a temporary guardian until conservatorship could be transferred to California. However, his guardian soon after petitioned the court to make it permanent, and, just three months after his temporary Nevada guardian was assigned to him, Olvera’s trust was charged tens of thousands of dollars.

Growing worried, Olvera’s daughter filed a lawsuit to remove her father’s guardian—but the guardianship commissioner said no. Olvera finally escaped to California, but his guardian led an expensive court fight to maintain his control. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were billed to Olvera’s own estate, which his guardian still controlled.

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Freedom Partners Launches New Ad Showing How Catherine Cortez Masto Let Down Nevada Seniors


Richard said...

What? The elderly are finally included in important campaign issues? Thank God. This is very exciting!

Donna said...

I am so happy to see this!

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It is so encouraging to see the elderly become important in the political arena.

NASGA Member said...

Wonderful! May this become a trend nationwide!

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