Thursday, March 9, 2017

Former April Appointed Guardian April Parks Accused of Theft From Wards

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A former court-appointed guardian in Las Vegas, her office manager and her friend are being charged with siphoning more than a half-million dollars out of accounts of people assigned to her as wards of the court.

April Parks
A 270-count criminal indictment filed Wednesday in Nevada state court alleges that more than 150 victims lost money to schemes that April Parks headed with A Private Professional Guardian company office manager Mark Simmons and Parks' friend, Gary Neil Taylor.

Together, they're accused of racketeering, theft and exploitation of a vulnerable person.

Attorney Noel Palmer Simpson faces theft and filing false instrument charges.

Attorneys for Parks and Simmons didn't immediately respond to messages. It's not clear if Taylor has a lawyer.

More than 200 counts name Parks, who officials say now lives in Pennsylvania.

Former Appointed Guardian Accused of Theft From Wards

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Jessica said...

I am jumping for joy that this story has been picked up by AP. Let the word spread far and wide that change is coming.