Thursday, January 24, 2019

CEO of home health aide company is arrested for 'bilking Medicare for $11 million to pay for Bentley, Cape Cod vacation home and lavish trips with her NYPD cop husband'

  • Farrah Rubani, 51, was indicted on December 13 on Medicaid fraud charge
  • She is accused of embezzling $11 million in New York state Medicaid funds
  • Rubani is CEO of home health aide company Hopeton Care in Brooklyn
  • Prosecutors say she used money to fund lavish lifestyle with her husband
Farrah Rubani
The CEO of a New York home health aide company has been accused of embezzling $11 million from Medicaid to fund a lavish lifestyle with her NYPD cop husband.

Farrah Rubani, 51, was arrested on December 18 on a first-degree grand larceny charge in an alleged scam to submit false claims through her Brooklyn-based company Hopeton Care.

The New York Attorney General's office claimed in a civil suit that Rubani and her partners billed New York State Medicaid for home care for children when was none provided, then paid the kids' parents to stay quiet, the New York Daily News reported.

'Rubani misrepresented to parents… that the Medicaid program permitted Hopeton to pay them directly to care for their children instead of sending a nurse, notwithstanding the fact that these parents were not qualified to provide the nursing services that their children required,' the AG said in the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

State investigators allege that Rubani, a native of Pakistan, stole nearly $4 million in that scheme alone. 

Rubani's husband is 50th Precinct NYPD Officer Richard Tricario.

Prosecutors allege that he spent some of the ill-gotten money on a $250,000 Bentley, a $60,000 Dodge Ram pickup and a $1.8 million Cape Cod vacation home that the couple nicknamed 'Rich At Heart'. 

Tricario has not been charged criminally. But the attorney general's office maintains that he wrote nearly $3 million in checks on the couple's joint bank account between 2016 and 2018.

Rubani's lawyer, Richard Harrow, said his client 'denies the allegations and looks forward to presenting evidence that will exonerate her.'

Meanwhile, Rubani's assets have been seized and the home health aides she employs have been faced with the tough decision between abandoning their patients and working without pay.

Among the patients in danger of losing their caregivers is Queens centenarian Rose Lawson, 102, the Daily News reports.

Lawson's only living family is niece Patricia Murphy, who lives in Texas and has been paying $180 a day out of pocket to contribute to her aunt's care.

On Friday, frustrated Hopeton Care employees gathered outside of the company's offices in Midwood to demand their paychecks. 

'They lying every Friday,' Yolene Jean-Charles told the Daily News.

The AG's office says it has twice released funds so the home health aides could be paid.

A spokeswoman for the office said that complaints should be handled through the Medicaid managed care organization.

Rubani is considered a flight risk and is being held on Rikers Island without bail. She is next due in court on March 1. 

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CEO of home health aide company is arrested for 'bilking Medicare for $11 million to pay for Bentley, Cape Cod vacation home and lavish trips with her NYPD cop husband'

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