Saturday, January 15, 2022

Knoxville woman charged with crimes against the elderly

Constance Porter

A Knoxville woman has been arrested and charged with theft and willful abuse and neglect of her 81-year-old Clarksville uncle.

Constance Porter, 56, who was entrusted with the man’s finances and personal care, reportedly had been making charges and transactions with her uncle’s personal account without permission prior to abandoning his care.

An agent with the Adult Protective Services Association alerted Clarksville Police to the alleged exploitation of the man’s bank account, according to the affidavit.

Porter was the authorized user for the victim’s bank account, but was to use the account specifically to benefit him.

An investigation revealed the man’s bank account had been charged several times by Clarksville Enterprise Rent-A-Car, according to court records.

Porter reportedly rented a vehicle in September 2019 making approximately $2,469 worth of transactions from the same account.

After a trip to Knoxville, Porter allegedly abandoned her duty as caretaker, but other family members stepped in and were able to replace her.

On Wednesday, Jan. 5, Porter was arrested and booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

She’s been charged with auto theft and willful abuse, neglect or exploitation of the elderly.

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D Fox said...

The courts do not look at the annual accounting unless someone objects. Even when you Object the GAL WHITE WASHES EVERYTHING! The following year after the conservator sold the home of my mother's the GAL stated the sale of the home was last year it has nothing to do with this accounting! The judge stated when I questioned why the escrow was not signed by the escrow agent? The escrow has nothing to do with accounting.

THE Court changed the date without notice on the hearing for the sale of my mother's home so my brother and I missed the hearing. The GAL and Judge cover everything up now they Judge is letting the Guardian and Conservator file notice in the Detroit legal paper and now they are not giving notices of the hearing at all!

Only the Conservator or Guardian are allowed to file at all! That's after years of court orders of now filing for 180s some times twice a year!

This allows the SIBLINGS that are the Guardian and Conservator to RAPE the ESTATE!