Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Guardianship Destroyed My Family

By Marian Kornicki 

November 12, 2021 was a great day for Britney Spears and a great day for justice when a judge freed her from a conservatorship that controlled every aspect of her life. It was definitely something to celebrate, but it was also a solemn day because Spears had had to endure a more than decade-long nightmare orchestrated by her father and others. It was a solemn day, because there are at least a million other, less famous, individuals who are still trapped in exactly this kind of arrangement.

Guardianship is an alarming threat to everyone’s health and welfare. In secret in a judge’s chambers, one’s rights to make personal and financial decisions can be stripped in moments. It is very widespread, but little known, although because of Britney Spears’ chilling testimony last summer and the persistence of the Free Britney Movement, this practice has been catapulted into the public’s consciousness.  (click to continue reading)

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