Monday, August 1, 2022

Furnace installer arrested for financial elder abuse in San Mateo

An unlicensed furnace installer who targeted elderly clients of his employer to charge exorbitant rates for little or no work claiming rodent damage for some of his charges was arrested Wednesday after an investigation by the San Mateo Police Department.

On Wednesday, July 13, suspect Ricardo Sandoval, 44, of Newman self-surrendered at the San Mateo County Jail, on an arrest warrant issued stemming from an investigation into financial elder abuse, which began in August 2021, according to San Mateo police.

Sandoval, an unlicensed furnace installer and repairman, offered his services on the side at a lower cost and then charged exorbitant rates for doing little or no work.

He also consistently claimed damage caused by rodents as a ploy to justify false work claims. Concerned family members of one victim led to the discovery of Sandoval’s scheme, which spanned several cities within the county, according to police.

San Mateo police detectives were assisted by the California State Licensing Board, in conducting a forensic financial audit. The homes of some of the victims were inspected to confirm they were either grossly overcharged or work had not been performed. Several search warrants were authored for records and ultimately, a $150,000 arrest warrant was issued for Sandoval.

He currently awaits prosecution by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

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