Thursday, August 4, 2022

Let Archie Live: 12 yr-old will die if doctors withdraw care

Can you imagine having to fight in court so that doctors don't withdraw treatment from your child? That's the position Archie Battersbee's parents are in as his hospital seeks to end his care.

Archie's mom, Hollie, has repeatedly said that only God should decide when her son passes from this life.

Join a global movement speaking up for Archie - tell the court that no doctor, judge, or politician should decide when a child dies. 

SIGN: Archie's parents have a right to seek treatment abroad

In a story that has gripped hearts around the world, Archie Battersbee was two hours from death this morning when a last-ditch application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) was lodged to prevent his hospital from withdrawing treatment.

He has been on life-support since a tragic accident at home in April, but his parents have recorded footage of their son moving his hands and gripping their fingers - contrary to claims he is "brain-stem dead". 

At least two countries have offered to continue Archie's treatment, a move his parents would be happy to pursue, but health chiefs in the UK refuse to allow him to even be transferred to hospice care.

A UN committee has also stepped in to urge the hospital not to withdraw treatment, but the matter now rests with the ECHR. 

WATCH: Archie's mom pleads for her son's care to continue

We must ensure the court knows of the untold suffering this has caused Archie's Mom and Dad, both of whom should have been spared this draining fight to keep their son alive.

Please speak up for Archie today - SIGN and SHARE this important petition to the European Court of Human Rights.

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