Saturday, January 2, 2016

Conservatorship: Legalized Elder Abuse

Across the nation, elders are trapped in abusive guardianships and conservatorships. Victims are imprisoned and isolated from loved ones. In some cases, victims suffer horrific physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Chemical restraint silences their cries for help.

Conservatorship: Legalized Elder Abuse


Barbara said...

It's good to see another video on YouTube about guardianship abuse.

Anonymous said...

Well done!

StandUp said...

Legalized elder abuse is a great name for what's happening to our elderly under guardianship. My condolences to Linda Kincaid and also my gratitude that she didn't just walk away when her Mother died. She stayed for reform. That takes alot of moxey!


EXCELLENT! I missed this somehow until today! Linda Kincaid is to be applauded for this video as well as all the other outstanding work she does. Some of the worst conservatorship (guardianship) nightmare cases of elder abuse have occurred in California. What happened to Linda Kincaid's Mother makes me sick to my stomach to hear about...but we need to hear about every detail of these crimes, because they can happen to any Mom or Dad or loved one. Joan Landis (Dad was abused in San Diego county conservatorship as ward of the Public Guardian)