Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Editorial: Agency Fighting Over Guardianship

In response to Sam Sipes’ guest column of Dec. 21, “Pass guardianship bill": Sipes states that he is grateful for Florida state Sen. Nancy Detert’s guardianship bill (SB 232), which is intended to protect the elderly and incapacitated adults, and all that it entails. Most important, it puts the individuals and their families, who are often facing difficult decisions, at the center of the system!

Snipes, the president and CEO of Lutheran Services Florida, goes on to state that LSF strongly supports this bill. He claims that its guardianship program has served individuals who have no family members willing or able to manage affairs and make life decisions.

Sipes also states that it is preferential that family members serve as the guardians and that the agency will find the least restrictive measure to assist individuals with declining capacity to care for themselves. It trains family members to take on this role.

He finishes his column by claiming LSF will continue to work to make Florida’s guardianship system the most compassionate and person-centered system in the USA.

Really? If what he says is true, then why is LSF fighting Julie Ferguson, the more than willing, very capable, devout and loving daughter of Marise London, for guardianship?

~Carol Vengroff

Opinion:  Agency Fighting Over Guardianship

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Anonymous said...

Well said, and absolutely true.

Trisha Wright said...

Perhaps it's time to Mr. Snipes to walk the talk.

Anonymous said...


Finny said...

Stand up and swallow hard, Mr. Snipes, and let go of Marise London.

Anonymous said...


Who do you think you are kidding? Not us. Luther Social Services is out for its own welfare and NO ONE elses. You hide behind the "Luthern" label and anyone familiar with the "services" your organization provides knows there is no "GOD" infused. Luthern Social Services is FAR from a mission driven organization. Let go of the "victims" you now have who have loving family members fighting for them. At the end of the day, Snipes, Karma sucks.

StandUp said...

Let's see what he does. Hopefully, he takes the feedback to heart.