Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Darcy Spears Special Report: Guardianship Under Fire

Darcy Spears, Chief Investigative Reporter for KTNV ABC 13 Action News, has been reporting  on guardianship abuse in Nevada all year long.  December 28th, she hosted a 30 minute special titled, "Guardianship Under Fire."  She has won multiple Emmys, Edward R. Murrow awards, Genesis awards and Associated Press awards on both a national and local scale for her unparalleled journalism.

Darcy's most recent honors are two 2014 Emmys. One in the Military category for her series on how the VA is failing veterans when it comes to healthcare; and one in the Health/Science category entitled "Prescription for Pain" about how legitimate pain patients are delayed or denied at local pharmacies.

This brings Darcy's Emmy total to 14.

NASGA hopes Darcy's ongoing series on guardianship abuse brings her another Emmy for her fine reporting all year long on this insidious form of elder abuse which has brought so much pain and suffering to many innocent victims and their families. Darcy's fine reporting brought the depth of Nevada's problems to the national spotlight and raised awareness to our cause.   We are deeply grateful for her giving victims and their families a voice and a platform to seek reform.

Thank you, Darcy!


Sylvia Rudek said...

Standing ovation and applause to Darcy Spears Chief Investigative Reporter and KTNV Channel 13 Action News for shining the bright lights on an issue that has been in the dark.

We especially appreciate their dedication, their hard work and efforts to raise awareness before you or a loved one is the recipient of a petition for guardianship of person and estate.

Frania said...

We needed a Darcy Spears in Baltimore, Maryland where my mother, Paula Kryszpel,has been guardianized, drugged almost toher death and all her and my father(now deceased) assets taken and distributed to who knows who. They hand ruined , cursed this good, moral, fine tiny family,all for their own gain. This is the greatest sin.

StandUp said...

Darcy, you've done so much and given people hope with your reports. Thank you.