Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Balloons are a symbol of hope and celebration and our symbol for the coming year.  We look forward to 2016 being the year guardianship/conservatorship abuse victims and their families celebrate new law in their state designed specifically to protect them from wrongful isolation.  Potentially thousands of people who are currently suffering, many simply falling through the cracks, now will see the flickering light at the end of the tunnel growing brighter.

We sadly said goodbye to far too many of our loved ones, guardianship abuse victims, who left us too soon this past year. And we also had to say goodbye to one of our own advocates who passed this fall.  Many will not know the name Mary Anne Wyatt as she was a very private person; but she left footprints on this earth which can never be filled.  Mary Anne was brilliant; she was a chemist by trade and there wasn’t a piece of art she loved better than the periodic table.  She was an avid animal lover extraordinaire, and she received awards for her animal advocacy efforts.  She also was instrumental in saving an island although I cannot remember the details of that remarkable feat.  She was a victim of medical malpractice and she helped author a book on the subject.  Her Mother was a victim of guardianship abuse, dying tragically and too young – a nightmare that haunted Mary Anne until her very last breath. 

I am sure in this life, I would not have crossed paths with Mary Anne had she not lost her Mother to guardianship abuse.   NASGA has been blessed to have Mary Anne as a member and staunch supporter.

When Mary Anne became ill this year, she was so lucky to have a devoted caregiver who made sure Mary Anne’s wishes were followed completely.   Mary Anne had sensed her illness coming and so she trained her caregiver well.  And when the time came, this person whom Mary Anne put all her trust in stepped up to the plate and made sure Mary Anne received the best care possible --  everything as Mary Anne wanted.  We are forever indebted to you, Jessica, for all you did for Mary Anne and the battles you fought to make sure her wishes were followed.

We will miss Mary Anne and never forget her.  

Godspeed Mary Anne!  


Betty said...

Rest in peace, Mary Anne.

Lori said...

MaryAnne was brilliant, but long ago was betrayed by someone she trusted.
She was also tortured by her knowledge of guardianship, after the family case, and like all of us having had the experience, came to NASGA.
Her end was very difficult, but thank goodness Jessica was there to help her through it.

honeybear said...

Mary Anne sounds like she was a wonderful person and she was lucky to find a caregiver who took proper care of her. This person isn't a family member?

Last year, we lost Rudy Bush. I still can't imagine that he's gone.

Lorna said...

Wishing NASGA the very best year this year. Thank you for all your hard work and especially the new legislation. NASGA and the Catherine Falk Organization make a great team and I look forward to cheering your every success.

Rest in peace, Ms. Wyatt.

Finny said...

Bless Mary Anne and her wonderful caregiver!

Barbara said...

Blessings for NASGA this coming year!