Friday, January 1, 2016

Steve Miller: Jared Shafer's Lawyer Elyse Tyrell Capitalizing Off Appointment To Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission

Guardianship attorneys Patricia Trent and Elyse Tyrell, who often represent for-hire "guardian" Jared E. Shafer in Family Court disputes against his "wards" and their families, are the Registered Agents for Shafer's political sign company, Signs of Nevada, LLC.

Shafer's office manager/secretary/bookkeeper, Amy Viggiano Deittrick, is listed as his sign company's manager by the Secretary of State, and uses Shafer's guardianship business address on Pecos Road to rent or donate signs to candidates for Clark County Family Court, and District Court judgeships.

The effectiveness of the signs was so evident that soon after Shafer bought the sign company in 2003, the Clark County Family Court bench was filled with judges who used Shafer's signs to get elected, then as pay back made Shafer and his firm their choice when it came to awarding lucrative guardianships over the persons and assets of wealthy retirees, most deemed mentally incompetent by persons without credentials to make such a determination. Based on these court appointments, Shafer and his attorneys made obscene profits by gaining complete power of attorney over their court appointed ward's estates, and converting the assets for their own use (Tyrell charges wards $500 per hour).

Jared Shafer illegally commingles funds from his sign company with funds from his "wards" in his Professional Fiduciary Services of Nevada, Inc. (PFSN) bank account. Commingling of ward's funds is a violation of NRS 159.073 (III) (IV).

The portable A-frame political signs are allegedly the reason local judges and the District Attorney do not go after Shafer for allegedly bilking the elderly and disabled, and blatantly violating NRS 159.073 (III) (IV), and other Nevada laws.



Anonymous said...

I wish the specific judges were mentioned, so they are exposed. The ABC news in Vegas shows the judges acting as if they were unaware what was going on the family court. Give me a break! They knew exactly what was going on, and this sign fiasco that has been unearthed seems to prove it.

honeybear said...

Thank you Steve Miller for your constant vigilance.