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Judge Astacio arrested, sent to jail until Thursday's hearing

June 05, 2017 11:25 PM

Judge Leticia Astacio was handcuffed and escorted by deputies to her court hearing Monday morning.

Judge Aronson made an offer good for 24 hours: plead guilty to the charge of declaration of delinquency and get 45 days in jail, plus two years of probation. The declaration of delinquency is for Astacio's failure to give a court ordered urine sample after an interlock reading that tested positive.

On Monday Judge Astacio declined the offer. She will remain in jail until a hearing on Thursday.

Judge Astacio walked into the Hall of Justice Monday morning for her meeting with her supervisor, Judge Craig Doran. The meeting was in Judge Doran's office on the 5th floor.

About 15 minutes after Judge Astacio arrived, three Rochester Police Officers arrived on the 5th floor and walked towards Judge Doran's chambers.

Judge Astacio's attorney, Ed Fiandach said, "This is not good. This is not a good sign."

There was an outstanding bench warrant waiting for Judge Astacio.

Judge Astacio was ordered back to Rochester from Thailand where her attorney said she was living in the mountains with monks. Judge Doran said leaving the country for an extended period of time was possibly in violation of her job. Judge Astacio's lawyer says he couldn't reach her because she was in Thailand and Verizon shut down her service over an unpaid bill.

Judge Astacio also missed a court date last week involving alleged interlock violations from her DWI arrest last year. When she missed the court date, the judge for the DWI case, Judge Aronson, issued a bench warrant for her.

"You buy a ticket and come from halfway around the world to appear in court, that's I think good enough evidence that you intend to appear,” says Ed Fiandach. “Our state's highest court has made it very clear that the purpose of bail is only to ensure that a person shows up in court and I think she's already expressed an ability and the desire to be in court by virtue of the fact that she's here today knowing - quite frankly - what was going to happen to her."

Voters react

"She deserves a second chance, but maybe not a second chance as a judge -- doing something else," says Krash Myz.

Krash Myz of Rochester says judges are held to a higher standard. He says City Court Judge Letitia Astacio has failed to maintain that standard. He questions if she can't manager herself, how can she judge the actions of others?

"You think that a judge is suppose to be more responsible and set an example to the people she is suppose to be judging," says Myz.

Monday, after Astacio appeared in court and was remanded to jail, people told us it's not Astacio's apparent problem with alcohol, but her behavior and seemingly constant run-in's with the law since her initial arrest last August. In particular, leaving the country and missing her last court appearance.

"I don't think she should get a second chance, but I'm happy that she did agree to come back to the country," says Stephen Welker.

Melodie Valenciano says everyone messes up and makes mistakes. She thinks if Astacio can show that she is seeking help and changes, she should be able to return to her job.

Valenciano tells us: "There's been a lot of statements made. I haven't heard that they've been verified... Everything's like hearsay to me. That's why I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt."

"She needs to prove herself, that she can be a good judge and make good decisions," she adds.

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Judge Astacio arrested, sent to jail until Thursday's hearing

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