Friday, June 12, 2009

Audit Finds Fund Mismanagement

A new audit indicates that the past practices of the Cook County Public Administrator's Office cost taxpayers at least $227,871 in missing funds and possibly millions more in sweetheart contracts.

The office is supposed to protect the assets of those who die without a will or with an executor who is incapable. But an audit by county auditor Laura Burman found that before 2003, estate funds were commingled and estates with negative balances were subsidized by others with positive balances.

At least some checks were outright stolen from one estate to the tune of $3,198, and about $3 million was spent on estate services that were questionable, the account found. Burman found that some of the companies hired to "manage" estates weren't even incorporated or registered with the state when they were given the contracts.

Nicholas G. Grapsas, the new county public administrator who took over in November, told county board members that he has since separated each estate and instituted many of Burman's recommendations for cleaning up the office.

Still, he admitted, county taxpayers had to fork out at least $227,871 to make up for a deficit in the office's fund that had to be repaid to the estates.

Full Article and Source:
Cook Co. fund mismanagement cost taxpayers $227,871


Anonymous said...

Thank you, NASGA, for posting this important article regaring the Cook County Public Administrator's cost to the citizens.

How much do the citizens of the State of Illinois lose to guardianship?

While the guardians and lawyers get fatter, the taxpayer's wallets are paper thin.

Helen said...

What is chosen to be ignored is typical in Illinois. These same officials by now have probably elevated to higher positions of plunder.

fedup with crook county il said...

Mismanagement? In Cook County Public Administrator's Office? Well, now, who did the "mismanaging"?

Notice the soft, term that is used to describe the corruption, the stealing, the "pay to play" schemes going on behind every closed door in Illinois.

Much important information is missing from this article.

Millions more in sweetheart contracts?

Oh, what a surprise. Pay to play and they all got away with it.

Where is the IRS? Did these crooks report this income to the IRS and State of Illinois? Betcha .... NOT.

Has anyone audited the guardianship case files hmmmmm?

The statute of limitations is an excuse to leave these crimes alone. I am very disappointed in the FBI for giving all a free pass and not calling in the IRS.

Shame on all of you!

Anonymous said...

This is what they are admitting ---how much more is there that the public doesn't know about?

Anonymous said...

"Mismanagement" is the key word here.If they mismanaged these funds, you can bet there are others they did the same to.

Anonymous said...

You don't even see any remorse here! It's pretty much matter of fact!

Anonymous said...

Consider the source: Cook County Public Administrator's Office

Cook county Illinois, Land of Looters, oops forgive me Land of Lincoln (who is turning over in his grave quote from the best IL US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald).

There is more to this story - where are the details and the names and dates of the crimes?

Anonymous said...

"...possibly millions more in sweetheart contracts."


Think we'll hear about the millions more? Not unless the media gets wind of it!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for an 'honest' auditor

Anonymous said...

Fed up with 'crook' county
makes a good point. Why isn't the IRS investigating? Taxpayers are out over $200,000, these corrupt public officials got their wallets fattened tax free
Tax Fraud is a felony.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's an interesting thought, where are the big boys the feds? the IRS? Tax free corruption via the Cook County Public Administrator's Office?