Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who Owns Your Estate?

By Curt Chancler

Who really owns your estate? In reality you do NOT. The assets, land and property acquired throughout your lifetime can be taken, changed, and/or sold if a Probate Court so decrees. You can write a will and it isn’t worth the paper it is written on if challenged and taken to Probate Court. While statutes decree that the Court is to follow the wishes of the decedent that does not always happen.

Right now in Linn County Oregon a six year probate battle continues to rage between an avaricious Portland, Oregon Northwest Natural Gas Company (NWNG) and their legal firm Stoel Rives; West Coast Bank’s Trust Company represented by Garrett, Hemann, Robertson, Jennings, Comstock and Trethewy of Salem; and their alleged linchpin James Van Horn, stepson to Archie Q. Adams, Sr., represented by Fitzwater & Meyer LLP, Portland and paid by NWNG.

NWNG reportedly also guaranteed West Coast Trust $20,000 to assure they took the position of personal representative. All this in order to strip the inheritance, a lifetime of work for Archie Q. and Ethel Adams, from their children. An inheritance that NWNG continues to assert to the Court is of little value.

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Who Owns Your Estate?


Anonymous said...

Avaricious Portland, Oregon Northwest Natural Gas Company is right.

I am sorry for the Archie Q. and Ethel Adams family. NNGC has deep pockets and they'll keep coming until they get what they want.

wisernow said...

Thank you NASGA and Curt Chancler
for exposing the dirty secrets of probate court, for helping to inform and educate society.

"All this in order to strip the inheritance, a lifetime of work for Archie Q. and Ethel Adams, from their children."

This is outrageous; it's wrong, unethical and in my opinion, it's criminal, but the truth of the matter is, this is happening nationwide, state by state, county by county, do the math, add it up = false sense of security and that is exactly where the vultures want you - in the dark.

We think there are laws and safeguards in place to protect us and our assets, wrong.

Look beyond the perception, the illusion that your wishes will be recognized and enforced.

All of this is intentional, by design, to give LAWYERS et al lifetime work funded by your assets, most often leaving your estate with: $00.00.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who owns your estate? It should read: Who owns you and your estate? The

Anonymous said...

Yes, Curt Chancler, you're so right --- all that to get to the money.

Greed is the creed!

Anonymous said...

My advice: Spend, spend, spend it all!

Anonymous said...

Dirty secrets indeed, I don't think the average elder stands a chance of having his wishes honored.

Even state statutes recognizing spousal allowances are not honored in the court of their state. It is a free for all among attorneys and bankers.

Anonymous said...

It's Legal Plunder

Anonymous said...

it's all about in insiders, the predators and the outsiders, we the prey of the corrupt system