Sunday, June 7, 2009

Caretaker Convicted

Sheryl Harris was convicted of elder abuse, the first such case in the county courts.

Harris manipulated the woman she was supposed to be taking care of, getting into her bank accounts, taking money and opening credit card accounts.

The jury convicted Harris and gave her five years in prison and five more on probation.

Woman convicted of elder abuse

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Wolves in caregivers clothing


Anonymous said...

And what about fines and restitution and tax fraud
and banning her from ever working in healthcare again? She'll be out of
jail for good behavior and pick up and move on to more victims

Anonymous said...

Good -- send her away and let her think about if it was worth that $5K or not.

But, what happened to the victim?

Anonymous said...

Sheryl Harris is the first convicted case of elder abuse in the county court?

Well, if that's the case, the county started out right by giving her time.

fedup said...

Good news! Sheryl Harris is infamous and will wear the label "felon" for the rest of her life. Applause and standing ovation to the prosecutor for taking this wolf to trial, to the jury who found Harris guilty and to the judge who sentenced Harris to prison.

This is what is needed as a deterrent and to send a clear message to those cowards with criminal minds who prey on the vulnerable and the elderly.

Have a good time in your cage Sheryl Harris - bye bye!

Anonymous said...

Care "taker" --- the proper term is caregiver, but in this case "taker" says it all.

Anonymous said...

I am always pleased to see one of these perps get the book thrown at them.