Saturday, June 13, 2009

Penny Slots Guardian

A woman accused of stealing about $34,000 from an elderly woman she was appointed guardian of in order to play penny slots made her initial appearance last week in Douglas County Circuit Court.

Carol Jean Tolliver faces one felony theft charge. She was appointed the other woman’s guardian in August 2006 and was to receive $250 a month for managing her finances. From April 2008 to February 2009, the woman’s bank account shrunk from $99,693 to $800, according to the criminal complaint.

Kathy Izzard, an economic support worker with the Douglas County Department of Health and Human Services who was investigating the case, noted that Tolliver had produced checks that had been written out to a Superior bar and to the bar’s owner from the account.

Tolliver told Superior Police Detective Mike Jaszczak that she wrote the checks out for cash and felt she could do so because her name was on the checks.

The complaint stated that she told the detective that because she has watched over the woman, who resides in a nursing home, “she was entitled to the money.”

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Penny slots spur thefts


Anonymous said...

Carol Jean Tolliver deserves the full punishment the law can impose.

wisernow said...

Carol Jean Tolliver belongs in a cage for the rest of her life.

Tolliver is one of many.

Better yet, we should load up old unused ships with these financial predators and send them with one way ticket out to sea and let nature take it's course.

Heck of a lot less money than what is coming in these cases ie most likely we the taxpayers will be paying for Tolliver's defense attorny, her meals, medical bills etc.

Yeah, I like my suggestion better, budget friendly and permanent removal from society.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think most guardians (the bad ones) feel they are entitled to pillage their ward's estates.

Carol Jean Tolliver is a poor excuse for a human being.

Thank you, police detective Mike Jaszczak for investigating this case and being instrumental in bringing Carol Jean Tolliver to task.

Anonymous said...

I find it disturbing and frightening that nothing I read shocks or suprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...

Court appointed Guardians
who are public servants are not under the same scrutiny as family's. There needs to be better oversight of anyone who has Guardianship/ Conservatorship over a
citizen who is not a family