Monday, June 15, 2009

Rell Signs Legislation

Gov. M. Jodi Rell says she has signed legislation overhauling Connecticut's 300-year-old probate court system.

The measure consolidates the current 117 probate court districts to between 44 and 50. It's part of an effort to cut costs and streamline the deficit-plagued system.

It also sets regular schedules of 40 hours per week in those courts -- some of which are open part time now -- and requires future probate judges to be attorneys.

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Rell signs Conn. probate reform bill

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Anonymous said...

It is a start, but we really need volulnteer overseers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a start but it's like a wave. If it keeps moving forward, it can become a tidal wave!

Anonymous said...

Well, I bet the CT probate judges are beside themselves.

Too long they've terrorized innocent families under the guise of "protection".

I realize I am making a general statement and it's not 100% true. There are good judges. The judge who freed Daniel Gross was a good judge, for instance.

But, judges need to sit up and take notice. The people are tired of the broken system and judges rationalizing about it.

I am please Governor Rell is taking an active role in carrying out the public's wishes.

Anonymous said...

This is long overdue! Thank you Gove Rell.

Anonymous said...

Go get them, Gov Rell!

AntiShyster said...

It's good that judges must be attorneys. If they do wrong, and the judge grievance people don't do their job, you can go after them with the attorney grievance people.

And the HELL with "confidentiality"