Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kristal Estate Settlement

A settlement has been reached in the long and often bitter battle over the estate of former CBGB proprietor Hilly Kristal, CBGB Made Hilly Kristal a Millionaire—His Ex Got Nothing.

At the center of the dispute: whether Kristal's ex-wife Karen, who was the legal owner of CBGB throughout the club's entire existence, signed the business over to her former husband in 2005. The document was unwitnessed, and today, Karen Kristal says she has no memory of signing it. But her daughter, Lisa Kristal Burgman, who was the chief beneficiary of the more than $3 million dollar fortune her father left behind when he died in 2007, maintains that her mother did willingly sign, and that the club and the money was therefore rightfully her father's, and now hers.

"The thing that I'm mad about is the guardianship," says Dana, who explains his and his mother's decision to settle as the result of legal blackmail by his sister, whose lawyers threatened a guardianship over his mother in the midst of the now two years worth of legal wrangling.

"I was told they could actually put my mother in a hospital. That's why we felt we had to agree...You never know what's going to happen in a guardianship, and I didn't want that threat over my mother."

Full Article and Source:
The Final CBGB Settlement: Hilly Kristal's Estate Takes Its Last Legal Bow


Anonymous said...

Large funds draws crooks like flies to sugar.

Anonymous said...

Dana experienced threats and intimidation by his mother's guardian.

This is what they do --- they get their way by threatening to put your loved one in a nursing home or even worse.

They have no creed by greed.

Anonymous said...

I hope the family of Hilly Kristal find NASGA and help to stop guardian abuse.

I'm glad to see their comments in print.

Now, it would be good if they'd become active advocates!

Anonymous said...

Power, control and love of someone elses money case after case after case.....

Anonymous said...

The threat of guardianship is enough to force anybody into compliance.

I am sorry for the two years of hell.

Anonymous said...

Everything Dana said about Lisa is true. Her greed has no bounds, but to put money over her own mother is truly disgraceful.