Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sheila Gast Sentencing

Sheila Gast’s sentencing date is on 7/7/2009 at 1:15pm.

If you are a victim, please write a victim statement to the judge before July.

1. How have you suffered from Sheila Gast and her lawyers?

2. How much money did Sheila Gast and her lawyers take from you?

3. How much have you emotionally suffered from Sheila Gast and her lawyers?

Robert M. Small
Hennepin County District Court Courts
Tower C-1251
Hennepin County Government Center
300 South 6th Street Minneapolis, MN 55487

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Anonymous said...

It's important that victims stand up and show up for this hearing.

This is an opportunity for accountability!!!

Anonymous said...

Bye, Bye low-life lying Sheila Gast I hope the state of MN is getting your cage ready for your arrival.

I hope you are punished beyond the full extent of the laws in sentencing for your lies, you were entrusted, you were an agent of the court and for that you deserve 10 times the average person with a criminal mind.

Anonymous said...

Power in numbers!

Come on Gast victims, stand up and show her you're united!

Anonymous said...

I hope a mob of people turn out for Gast's sentencing!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Sheila Gast gets the benefit of the strictest punishment the law has to offer.

It won't make up for the lives she's destroyed, of course, but it will help.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many Sheila Gast victims there are?

I hope they all show up -- and their relatives and friends.

I hope they crowd the courtroom and read their statements.

Anonymous said...

I hope Sheila Gast is afraid -- afraid of jail time.

I hope she experiences just an ounce of the fear she has probably caused many of her victims.

Anonymous said...

Victim's appearance in the courtroom and their Impact Statements are very important in obtaining justice.

Sheial Gast has earned a harsh punishment.

Yes, Anon 2 - let's hope it's bye bye and off to prison for a very long time.