Monday, July 6, 2009

Controlled by Conservators

Thank you for informing the public about what it is like to be put under conservatorship [“Disorder in the Court,” 5/28/09]. This week, I still haven’t been given money to buy groceries and personal needs. The strange situation is that this is my own money which is controlled by the conservators! This all happened because of the auto accident in which my husband was killed and I was seriously injured, but I am now recovered. The last conservator promised this to be a temporary thing, but now it’s been almost four years. She is now turning me over to the Public Guardian, which I oppose.

Of course there is much money to be made off of me, so there is no hurry to conclude the conservatorship.

My own doctor of 20 years, Dr. George Halling, questions my need to be under conservatorship and wrote a letter to that effect. My court-appointed attorney has done nothing to support this letter or the neuropsychiatrist that I chose to evaluate me last year. Her evaluation stated that I didn’t need conservatorship, or caregiving. — Patricia Rosen

Full Article and Source:
Trouble With Probate

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Anonymous said...

The conservator will not let go until he/she has all the money -- then suddenly, the conservator will support your request for re-capacity.

I am so very sorry.

Anonymous said...

Patricia asks the obvious question, why can't she have her own money?

The judge on her case owes her an explanation.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, Patricia Rosen, but you've become income for the conservator and the attorneys.

If you can avoid the public guardian, it may not seem like it, but you'll be ahead.

It's a shame -- a crying shame.

Sue said...

Isn't this outrageous?

Isn't this wrong and against everything America once stood for?

Patricia Rosen is an example of the truth about guardianships, the dark side and it's always about the money.

Guardianship racket works with court approval in the best interest of.... the guardians, the conservators, all paid for with the wards assets and income.

This is T W I S T E D!

I am so sorry Ptricia that the citizens of the USA are allowing this public mugging under color of law to continue.

Anonymous said...

I hope the media continues to cover Patricia Rosen's plight.

Justice, unfortunately, is found in the media -- not in guardianship court.

LoriView said...

Isn't there a statutory requirement that when the problems which caused the conservatorship are gone, the person should be freed; i.e., they "did their time"?

Anonymous said...

Even Patricia Rosen's long term physician is discounted -- in favor of greed.

Anonymous said...

Patricia knows exactly what's going on and she says so very sucinctly.

The judge in her case needs to listen to her.

Anonymous said...

What is happening with Patricia Rosen is happening to all victims of unlawful and abusive guardianships.

I hope she finds NASGA and joins!

The first thing she will discover is she is not alone.