Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spears Dad Files $1.5M Bond

On June 28th Jamie Spears filed a legal document certifying that he’d taken out a $1.5 million bond to act as his daughter’s legal guardian.

The bond protects the person under the Conservatorship – that would be Britney in this case – from having their assets taken, and Radar reports that the Conservatorship will continue at least until the end of 2009.

Will Britney ever be in control of her life again? Or will she be under Daddy’s rules forever?

Jamie Spears Files $1.5 Million Bond to Continue as Conservator

More information:
BREAKING NEWS: Britney Spears’ Dad Puts Up $1.5 Million To Continue As Her Conservator


Anonymous said...

Someone has to help her! Are there no independent lawyers in the USA or organizations that could appeal to government for her?!! How can it happen that the whole country can watch how a perfectly capable young woman has been turned into a slave by the court system and nobody wants to help? Where are her friends, her colleagues, where is the CA governor? Where are her fans?

Anonymous said...

Why would Daddy let go of such a cash cow?

How much are the lawyers billing?
Are there earnings caps in CA?

Someone should be guarding (watching) the guardians!

Anonymous said...

The bond doesn't protect her at all.

Guardians steal "legally" all the time and are they forced to pay it back?

Well, occasionally we see pigs flying, but it's so rare, it truely is a miracle.

helensniece said...

This is a feeding frenzy - shameful!

Britney Spears is a modern day slave with court approval.

I agree Anon 1: where are the loud voices?

Britney should join NASGA post haste.

Anonymous said...

Brittney Spears will gain control of her life when her fame wanes and her bank account is gone.

Suddenly, then they won't "care" about her anymore.