Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sheila Gast Faces Judge

A woman that was once hired to protect the elderly and disabled found herself face to face with a judge. It was a day critics of Sheila Gast had waited for, hoping she would go to jail for telling a lie under oath.

Courts appointed Sheila Gast to make financial and personal decisions for hundreds of Minnesotans.

A number of families have told FOX 9 that Gast did a poor job taking care of their loved ones. They don't feel the court listened to those complaints so they were hoping for some kind of justice when she was charged with perjury for lying under oath.

Gast had testified she was a nurse.

It is a claim she also made to clients. It was something that mattered to the loved ones of those she was supposed to protect.

However Gast is not a nurse. She pleaded guilty to lying about it and on Tuesday she told a judge she was so sorry. The judge spared her a jail term, instead sentencing her to community service and a $3,000 fine.

Families of loved ones don’t think Gast got near enough punishment. Gast has lost her career as a professional guardian and conservator.

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Caregiver Faces Judge for Lying Under Oath

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Anonymous said...

Community service and a fine. What a joke. Obviously, the judge doesn't know or care about the hell this "nurse" inflicted upon people.

Anonymous said...

Sheila Gast didn't just perjure herself --- she betrayed the public trust.

Probation and a $3K fine? Come on, that's nothing!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, judge -- send a clear message that perjury is barely a crime.

Sheila Gast won't skip much of a beat in her daily life.

Her victims will.

What did you do for them, judge?

helensniece said...

I am extremely disappointed at the soft sentence for a person in a position of trust who caused so much harm to so many innocent people.

I was hoping that Sheila Gast would have been served justice hoping she would have been dragged from the courtroom in chains by the authorities.

Gast is a crook; she has a criminal mind; she intentionally lied for self-serving reasons (for profit) and I would be willing to wager that there is a lot more wrongdoing in her background.

Sheila Gast you are shameful and a disgrace, you need to be removed from society.

Thank you NASGA and Fox news for keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

I bet Sheila Gast wasn't even afraid as she stood in front of the judge.

She should have been shaking, but she probably knew she'd get off with barely a mention.

Anonymous said...

The judge just sent a strong message to the victims of Sheila Gast that what she did to them doesn't matter and neither do they.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope at least that Sheila Gast was embarrassed in front of her children - who will always remember their mother is a self proclaimed liar.

Anonymous said...

Dear State of MN:

Not good enough - and the citizens know it!

Anonymous said...

Hang your head in shame, Sheila Gast, the world knows how you preyed off the weak and vulnerable.

Hang your head in shame.

wisernow said...

Sociopaths do not have a conscience, they do not know the meaning of the word: shame

They always blame others. Read the profile of a sociopath. Chilling, but true.

Wake up America and while you're awake read the book:
"Snakes in Suits" Sociopaths in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota Legislature blew it. The Bill of Rights for Wards still contains language that the Guardian has the authority to decide who can be in contact with the Ward and who cannot..... including mom and dad.