Monday, July 6, 2009

Lawyer Says Everyone Needs a Will

Attorney Ron Skrenes says even if you don't have millions of dollars... it's still important to have a will.

Skrenes says anyone over 18 years old should have one and if you get married or have children it needs to be updated.

He says there are five main reasons for a will.

1. To appoint a guardian for your children

2. To set up who will receive your property

3. To establish who will be in charge of dividing your assets

4. To establish a trust fund for any of your beneficiaries

5. To plan the amount of taxes on your estate

Full Article and Source:
Stevens Point Attorney Says Everyone Needs A Will


Anonymous said...

This is true. No matter what we know about guardians changing wills,etc. -- still everyone's best chance is to have a will.

Anonymous said...

But what happens when you do all that and the judge just rolls right over it?

Anonymous said...

Good advice, but as we all know, it can be for naught.

Anonymous said...

Give family heirlooms away while you're still alive. Then you know the right people are getting them.

Anonymous said...

You're all correct. We need wills, but we can't count on them.

fedup said...

False sense of security, but it's better to have a will than to do nothing at all. What a sorry state of affairs that we have to look forward to. Better to spend it all, those who have nothing, no one will be fighting over nothing.