Thursday, August 20, 2009

Death Panels

People are kidding themselves if they think there are no health care “death panels” in existence and just waiting to be expanded upon. Insurance companies, who deny rightful claims without reason or under the technicality umbrella, have death squads whether decisions are made by individuals or actual committees. There are hospitals and nursing homes that have decided to get on board with their so-called ethics committees that make life and death decisions even in spite of the “actual” wishes of the patient or the patient’s family. Shall we say, “Andrea Clark“?

Now we have Gary Harvey from New York, whose wife is fighting both for his life and the right to take him home.

“This is a case where a 55 year old man had a heart attack, fell down the basement stairs, and ended up severely brain damaged. It is a case where still another so-called ethics committee felt it had some sort of god-like wisdom and right to determine life or death for a stranger. It is a case where a so-called ethics committee decided, behind closed doors, that it was perfectly okay to starve and dehydrate this man — Gary Harvey — to death by termination of his Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) feeding tube.”

Thankfully the request has been dismissed for now.

Full Article and Source:
Obama Claims No Death Panels, Some Already Call the Shots


Anonymous said...

This article is very well written and presented.

Yes, there are death panels and they're aiming for the elderly or disabled.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Gary Harvey languishes when he should be home with his wife.

What would be so terribly wrong with this man having what most people take for granted -- his loved ones, his home, safety?

Come on Chemung Co., you can do it.

Diane said...

These death panels need to go and let family decide.

The death panels need to be in prions, not our community, society or invasions of our private lives.

America needs to wake up!

Anonymous said...

People need to know that they can fall down a flight of stairs and lose their home, their loved ones, and their very life -- to total strangers who will profit from their vulnerability.

Thank you for following the Gary Harvey story and for such an outstanding article.

Anonymous said...

If Gary Harvey did not have his wife, he would surely be dead by now.

Sara Harvey saved his life.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the public is not properly outraged. Sure, they hate to hear it when these cases become public, but they think (wrongfully) that it will never happen to them, so it's on to the kids soccer game instead.

Meanwhile, the death panels just get better at what they do.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking "death panels" may not be the best choice of wording.

"Non-ethics panels"?

No, that's not it either. The proper phrase should reflect that life means nothing to these people -- that it's all about money.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Sara Harvey is still continuing this fight.

The fight should be long over.

Gary Harvey should have won -- the laws say he should win. He should be home with his wife taking care of him.

Instead, his wife has to spend all her time trying to save his life.

This, sadly, is what our society has become.

Anonymous said...

Death panels may visit each and every one of us should we become disabled - or grow old.

It amazes me that the right to life folks don't harp about death panels more. We hear it now with Obama's health plan, but this has been going on for years and it's hushed up.