Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nurse Aide Charged With Assault

A nurse’s aide from Quincy has been arrested after police say she tormented and abused residents at a home for people with memory loss.

Kara A. Murphy, a nurse aide since 2004, manhandled at least four elderly residents at the Atrium at Faxon Woods during a shift, police said. They also said she boasted to another caregiver about force-feeding an 89-year-old woman her own feces.

The charges against Murphy are based entirely on the account of another employee who reported the incidents to her director.

None of the victims had any recollection of the incidents, police said.

Murphy pleaded innocent in Quincy District Court. She is charged with seven counts of assault and battery on disabled persons older than 60.

Judge Mark Coven ordered her to remain under house arrest until authorities can fit her with a GPS tracking device. Murphy is next due in court on Oct. 8.

Full Article and Source:
Elder abuse horror in Quincy


Anonymous said...

A wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.

Kara A. Murphy should have her certification taken away and she should be locked up.

Anonymous said...

This is a cry for home/community care.

And that will save zillions for the taxpaupers!

Anonymous said...

Was a background check done before this aide was hired? Probably not.

You're right, Anon 2, this is a cry for home care.

Anonymous said...

There's not much worse than preying on the vulnerable.

Kara A. Murphy is a predator - a vicious, uncaring, and cruel person.

Anonymous said...

This is another reason why nursing facilities should not be called "homes". They are facilities. The people taking care of vulnerable loved ones are strangers.

There are good people at nursing facilities, too, but many predators also lurk.

Kara A. Murphy is a poor excuse for a human being.