Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Luke Forrest Humphrey

I'm sad to report that Luke passed away Monday morning. Here is the letter that I wrote and drove to Tyler to deliver to Judge Rogers and hour and a half after we were notified of Lukes' death.

Patricia Pondoff
P.O.Box 236
White Oak, Texas 75693
August 18 2009

Judge Randall Rogers,

It’s sad to report to you the death of Luke Forrest Humphrey. He passed away sometime Monday morning August 17, 2009.
What’s even sadder is that no-one notified the Mother, Susan McLendon until Tuesday at noon to let her know the funeral was in one hour, knowing she was in Youngstown, Ohio.
This was in direct disobedience of YOUR Court Order.
The Mother was to be notified of any illness that was severe.
Luke went into respiratory failure and no one assisted him because YOU failed to rule on the DO NOT RESUSCITATE that we filed in December of 2008.
I asked you not to transfer this case to Somervell County but you did it anyway.
How appropriate that Luke passed away when the guardianship was in limbo between two counties..
I thank God that Luke will no longer suffer at the hands of his abusers.
Everyone is accountable for what we do here on earth either before man and most assuredly before God Almighty. You don’t owe us an explanation but you will owe God an answer.
McLendon had already buried one son, Mike, and was denied the opportunity to see Luke, hold him, or tell him how much she loved him, was denied to opportunity to attend her own sons’ funeral and was not notified of his death until 1 hour before the burial.
How sick and how sad this whole situation is and each and everyone of you are responsible for your part in it.
____________________ Patricia Pondoff

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Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry, Humphrey family.

Luke's died without the comfort of his family in his most dire time of need.

I hope Judge Randall Rogers has nightmares for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

I am outraged that guardianship has taken its ugly toll on another young and innocent life.

I am so sorry, Susan and the rest of Luke's family, for the tragic and unnecessary loss of your loved one.

Anonymous said...

The guardian just had to "get" Susan one more time --- just couldn't resist but not notify her of Luke's death until it was impossible for her to attend his services.

How much more cruel could anyone be?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ms. Pondoff, for passing along this tragic news.

It is very sad news indeed.

I am sure you are a great support for Susan McLendon. She is really going to need it now.

Anonymous said...

The guardianship was used a cruel tool to punish Susan McLendon --- and look who suffered.

Luke Humphrey was denied the love and comfort of his Mother. He died without her. He was probably afraid and wondering where she was.

Every person who participated in prohibiting Luke from seeing his Mother is accountable to Luke Humphrey, nature, and God.

Every person who participated in maligning Susan McLendon to keep her from Luke is also accountable to his/her own conscience.

Luke Humphrey needlessly suffered because of the actions of few people who thought more of themselves and their vendetta against Luke's mother than of Luke himself.

Anonymous said...

Judge Randall Rogers didn't rule on a DNR that was filed in 2008?

There is no excuse for that. Is the judge incompetent or what excuse could he possibly have?

Judge Rogers should be brought up for discipline charges and all guardianships under his purview should be reviewed.

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened by the death of Luke Humphrey. What kind of person, regarding the circumstances and personal feelings, would deny a loving mother the right to say goodbye. To not notify her of her son's death and allow her to see him one last time. That is cruelty at it's worst! Shame on you Landy Humphrey! You are nothing but a piece of disgusting trash. Not one thing you or your family can say or do would justify this type of abuse. And, the idea that you want memorials to be made out to the Glen Rose nursing facility... I wouldn't give them a cent if I had a trillion dollars. You are disgusting Mr. Humphrey.

Anonymous said...

This is a tragedy and an outrage.

Pray for Susan McLendon and the Humphrey family to regain her strength.

Those who isolated Luke from his mother had better pray for their very souls.

Anonymous said...

The death of Luke Humphrey made me cry. I feel so sorry for his mother now. Luke's pain and suffering (at the hands of his abusers) is mercifully over. His mother's pain will never end.

My thoughts are with her in this most heartbreaking time of need.

Luke didn't need to die, Judge Rogers. But he did -- and he died on YOUR WATCH. His innocent blood is on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Humphrey family now after this senseless and horriffic tragedy.

I believe Luke Humphrey would be alive today if he were allowed to go home and be cared for by his mother.

Those who prevented that should hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Lt. Dahl yesterday, Aug. 21, 2009 and he informed me that everyone knew on Friday that Luke was dying and wasn't going to make it. How could the Humphrey family not notify the Mother when Judge Rogers ORDERED Landy to notify the Mother of any condition that was more serious than a common cold.

Judge Rogers himself should hold Landy in Contempt Of Court on his own Motion for disobedience of his Order.!!!

Where was the moral obligation of the Somervell Sheriffs' Office when they too had knowledge of Lukes' condition of Friday also?
Peace Officer is an oxymoron phrase, the actions do not fit the title. This action is no way, shape or fashion fits the description of peace. Where is McLendons' PEACE.!!

After speaking with Lt. Dahl I went to the cemetery to join Susan and her family for some private time with Luke. And Landy's mother shows up at the cemetery, then later on that evening Susan receives a call from Landy which she did not answer and I received 2calls from Landy, one at 8:51 pm and the other at 8:53 pm. which I did not answer, IT IS A PITIFUL SHAME WHEN WE CAN'T EVEN GRIEVE IN PEACE.

Did Lt. Dahl call the Humphrey family and tell them we were is town at the cemetery or was this all just a coincidence. What's your opinion? Landy refused for over 4 years to communicate with us. What could he possibly have to say that would ease the pain of his cruel and abusive actions.
I'm Laughing sooo hard, guess what my special word that I have to type in is? apunk LOL!!! how appropriate.

Patricia Pondoff said...

I spoke with Lt. Dahl yesterday, Aug. 21, 2009 and he informed me that everyone was aware on Friday that Luke was dying and wasn't going to make it.

How could the Humphrey family not notify the Mother? Judge Rogers ORDERED Landy to notify the mother of any condition more serious than a common cold.!

Judge Rogers on his own Motion should hold Landy in Contempt of Court for disobedience of his order.

The Somervell Sheriffs' Office was aware of Lukes' condition on Friday also. Where was their duty and moral obligation to notify the Mother??? Peace Officer is an oxymoron phrase--the action does not fit the title. Where is the Mothers Peace???!!!

After leaving the Sheriffs' Office, I returned to the Cemetery to join my sister and her family to pay our respects to Luke and guess who shows up, Landy's mother, then later that evening Susan got a call from Landy that she did not answer and I received 2 calls, 1 @ 8:51 pm and another @ 8:53 pm. and I did not answer.

Question is: Did Lt. Dalh call the Humphrey family to let them know we were in town and at the cemetery? Or was the grandmothers appearance at the cemetery and the phone calls from Landy just a coincidence?? What's your opinion?

It's a pitiful shame when the mother and her family cannot even go to the cemetery to pay our respects without being harassed.

For 4 years they refused to communicate with us. What could they possible have to say that would ease the pain of their cruel and abusive actions?? Or were they wanting to see our reaction?

To The Humphrey family: We would never take any physical action against any of you because we could NEVER stoop that low!! We would never bring ourselves down to your level. "Vengeance is mine: I WILL repay, Saith the Lord". Romans 12:19 And he will show all of you as much mercy as you have shown Luke and his Mother. “Be not deceived : God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap". Galatians 6:7
I'm laughing sooo hard, guess what my secret word that I have to type in is?? apunk How appropriate!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot speak for Landy nor for Susan as I do not know the family.

But as an outsider, I would say that it certainly looks like Landy didn't inform Susan for two reasons:

1. He likely didn't think Luke was actually dying;

2. Another chance to "get one over" on Susan. In other words, his war with Susan became more important than Luke.

Luke suffered his final hours without his mother. Landy has to live with that for the rest of his life (and I hope it haunts him).

This is also a case about what happens when family fight -- the fight overwhelms the reason (or the person) for the fight. It grows and grows until all is lost.

People HAVE to find a way to sit down rationally and calmly -- put aside their differences for a later time -- and concentrate at the job at hand, which was Luke.