Monday, August 17, 2009

Twist in Speakes Battle

A Mississippi judge ruled that the Arlington condo owned by former White House press secretary Larry Speakes may be sold by his daughter, Sondra Speakes Huerta.

The ruling was the latest twist in the battle between Speakes's wife, Aleta, and two of his children from an earlier marriage over guardianship of Speakes (who suffers from Alzheimer's disease) and his estate. Without the knowledge of Speakes's wife, Huerta put the condo on the market, and a contract for $420,000 was signed in early July. But the sale stalled when it became public knowledge that legal control of the condo was among the issues being hashed out in court. Lawyers for Aleta Speakes asked the judge to prevent the sale, but lost this round.

Full Article and Source:
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Anonymous said...

Settle all of this out of court, Speakes family!

Anonymous said...

Good advice, Anon 1.

If the Speakes family doesn't settle it, a judge will -- and likely not in anybody's favor except the lawyers!

Anonymous said...

Feuding families fuel litigation and exorbitant legal fees!