Friday, August 21, 2009

Officials Upset About Probate Plan

Officials from small towns across the Connecticut say a draft proposal to consolidate local probate courts creates sprawling districts that would be inconvenient for families.

Members of the Probate Redistricting Commission heard testimony on Thursday about a proposal from the Connecticut Probate Assembly, made up of probate judges, that reduces the 117 court districts to 50.

The commission is now charged with reviewing that plan, taking into account the concerns raised at the hearing. It must come up with a final recommendation to the General Assembly by Sept. 15.

Full Article and Source:
Conn. towns upset with probate court plan

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Anonymous said...

Baloney. The perceived inconvenience to families is a weak argument.

Anonymous said...

The towns aren't upset about the probate plan, the judges who don't want reform are upset about the probate consolidation plan!

Anonymous said...

The judges are going to fight reform of the broken system for as long as they can.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, officials are real worried about families.