Thursday, November 5, 2009

City Council Shows Support for Elouise James

Clemson City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting Monday night with one noticeable absence — suspended member Elouise James.

Gov. Mark Sanford suspended James, arrested in September on criminal charges resulting from a joint investigation conducted by the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and SLED over several months, late Friday afternoon. The executive order said the suspension, effective immediately, came following James’ Oct. 20 indictment by a Pickens County Grand Jury and South Carolina law regarding fraud.

James was charged in September with two counts of obtaining goods by false pretenses and one count of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult in Pickens County and two counts of forgery and one count of obstruction of Justice in Greenville County.

“Essentially, Elouise James still holds her City Council seat,” said Rodney Allen, director of Registrations and Elections in Pickens County, when asked to explain the suspension. “However, she has been relieved of her powers and responsibilities of the office until she is either found guilty or acquitted.”

Clemson Mayor Larry Abernathy, seated next to the placard displaying James’ name, said on Monday night he was “very, very sad” about the governor’s decision.

“I don’t believe it diminishes Mrs. James’ contribution to the council or her commitment to the city,” Abernathy said.

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Clemson Council Shows Support for Elouise James

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StandUp said...

They should be showing support for the victim instead - and for the elderly population.

Anonymous said...

WHAT??? See how these people are twisted? Disgusting when people sympathize with the crooks. Nuts!

jerri said...

now i've seen it all i agree with anon nuts on this since when do we forget about the vics and feel sorry for the perps like Elouise James not me no way do i ever feel sorry for the perps that God's decision

Anonymous said...

Hold me back, has this world gone stark raving mad?

Barbara said...

OK Clemson City citizens, you know who not to vote for in the next election!

Anonymous said...

I hope the whole town stampedes the city council.


Anonymous said...

The elderly had better pack up and leave.

Including the mommas and pappas of the the council. Well, maybe they care about them at least...