Friday, April 23, 2010

Abbie Dorn Court Battle Set For May 13

Abbie Dorn always wanted children, and in June 2006 she got her wish -- triplets. But during a difficult birth she suffered severe brain damage that took away her chance to raise them.

Now, her parents and former husband are locked in a legal battle over whether Dorn is capable of interacting with her children, and whether they should visit her.

On Tuesday, a judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled that Abbie Dorn's parents have the right to fight for visitation rights on her behalf.

The ruling clears the way for a trial, scheduled for May 13. No matter who prevails, the case is likely to lead to years of appeals that could result in a legal landmark affecting the rights of mentally incapacitated parents.

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Court Fight Waged Over Brain Damaged Mom's Triplets"


Holly said...

It may be difficult for young children to understand this but, the world is full of things we don't understand. Don't we often see chidren visiting the elderly and incapaciated in nursing homes? Whether Abbey is capable of interacting with her children is not the issue. Should people loose their rights because they suffer brain damage? I think not!!

Max said...

If the father doesn't allow the kids to see their Mom, one day that decision will bit him in the arse!

He's not protecting them. He's just demonstrating control.

Unknown said...

The mother is not disabled. She is brain dead as determined by neurologists multiple times. She has seen the children and had no response. Any one who knows the father thinks he is a hero. He is not spreading his children for the public circus. He will do what is developmentally correct by court appointed therapists.

Anonymous said...


Respectfully, I must tell you that you are incorrect.

Abbie is making significant progress. She can say "no", "yeh", and even said "good" CLEARLY when a friend of hers said "Abbie you are doing so good!" She even said "dumb" the other day and her mom said, "Who's dumb, Dan" and she gave a long, hard blink. (Her sign for yes.)

She is NOT scary looking - look at her pictures on the Facebook groups to support her, and you'll see she is not scary looking.

Also, Abbie has interaction with lots of other children - niece/nephew, etc. Her housekeeper brings her daughter, almost the same as the triplets, ocassionally and she loves Abbie!

Please don't spread incorrect imnformation.

Thanks :D

Patti said...

I think it's always very dangerous to say someone is "brain dead" and the term itself disgusts me.

The experts have been wrong many times, Fred. Give Abbie the benefit of the doubt. Some day, you may find yourself in the same circumstances.

I do not believe a Father who isolates children from their Mother is a hero in any way.

jerri said...

i go along with the people that think Abbie Dorn should be able to see her children and her children need to see her it's called this is life the good and the bad and the ugly of it if these young children are denied their rights by their father oh there will be hell to pay later it is known that kids can handle this kind of tragedy if they are prepared properly it is common knowledge that adopted children have this burning in them to know where they came from ~ to me this is a no brainer hey dad you need to step up and do the right thing before it's too late

Unknown said...

Freddie _ how do YOU KNOW MORE than Abbie Dorn's parents about her condition? Is that even possible? Not likely to say the least. I hope that one day you get to ENJOY the "best interest rulings" of a probate court, maybe from a car accident that causes brain injury, etc. Of course you would be an "incapacitated ward" without ANY INFLUENCE WHATSOEVER, over any & all decisions controlling your existence. Let's see if you call your GUARDIAN, OR ANY OTHER potentially PROFITING ENTITY_ a HERO!