Friday, April 23, 2010

Lawsuit #3 Against La Salle County Nursing Home

The third lawsuit stemming from multiple abuse reports last year at the La Salle County Nursing Home was filed in Circuit Court.

The county expects even more legal fallout after the incidents were reported last summer from nearly a dozen female residents who were allegedly sexually assaulted by a male resident with a previous history of such abuse.

The lawsuit, formally presented by Oglesby attorney Gary Peterlin and Peter Ferracuti of Ottawa, alleges staff members did little to protect a now deceased former woman resident from sexual abuse from a fellow resident during the time period of February through May, 2009.

According to court documents, Barbara Snyder of Tonica, executor of the late resident's estate, is asking in excess of $50,000 plus attorney fees and costs from the care facility for failure to protect the 81-year-old woman in the last months of her life. The suit could cost the county up to $100,000.

The attorneys allege the nursing home allowed a known sexually active and aggressive male resident to have contact with the victim and failed to properly care and prevent injuries to the woman. The suit says the victim had a "statutory right to receive treatment and care which was free from abuse or neglect."

Neither La Salle County Board Attorney Troy Holland or Board Chairman Jerry Hicks, D-Marseilles, were available for comment.

Full Article and Source:
Third Lawsuit Filed in Nursing Home Abuse Incidents


Lou said...

It's tragic the lack of protection for the vulnerable in our country!

Betty said...

Good - I'm glad to see more law suits. It's the only way to wake people up to the abuse!

Norma said...

I am glad for the residents of these facilities - many of whom suffer alone and in silence.