Thursday, April 22, 2010

NASGA Soapbox: 'Guardianship/Conservatorship Victims'

by Advocate Tim Lahrman

There are even victims, both family members or otherwise, who do not even realize they are victims.

In fact, everyone in America is a victim because, when one person's rights are not protected and are readily violated --- then all our rights are at risk of being violated.

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Sue said...

Thank you Tim, very well stated.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true. And the thing is many people don't know they're targets until it's too late.

StandUp said...

AND - if we don't protect our most frail and needy, what hope is there that anybody is being protected?

Randy said...

One of the problems is that most people don't believe these autrocities happen until it happens to them or their loved one.

Norma said...

A good reminder, Tim. Thank you.

Glenn said...

This is one of the reasons we must all work together and fix the system.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the thought. You're right and I appreciate the reminder.

Holly said...

Very well put! The wards rights, our rights and the rights of generations to come... Everyone is a victim!!

Anonymous said...

Wow is Randy ever right!
I had no idea this blatant corruption of justice was going on
in our courts every day unaddressed.
we have to make people aware "this can happen to you"

Unknown said...

as the climate in our country is focussed on ridding washington dc of corruption, those of us who have been victims of theft by fraud and ponzi scams of local probate courts must unite and speak out. My family's estate in GA was robbed of 1/2 million to one million dollars (without guns) laws were broken and laws were made from the probate judge's bench, as leader of the scam. this all occurred in the beautiul college town of Athens, GA. like Nazi Germany, they took control of the 1-1.3 million dollar estate,destroyed 3 of 4 heirs physically and financially, so that they had total control of the jackpot - they threatened me with an unlimitted jail sentence or give them $7000.00 in 3 business days, they jailed another heir twice, illegally while claiming to the appellate court that there's no court record of this, and forced the 3rd heir to involuntary homelessness in the streets of augusta for 3 yrs. to destroy him mentally - now, does this sound like America? Oh, and took all our money so that we couldn't fight them in court. this is what happens when you have a corrupt judge with the power to do anything she pleases. I'm hoping by blogging, other victims of tehis corrupt Athens-Clarke Co. probate judge and conservator will contact me - I'm sure they're out there - this is why law abiding, taxpaying Americans are anxious and angry: this is how government can move in seize all your money, houses and property,break laws and make laws as they go, throw you in jail, and laugh all the way to the bank, or bank box.

Sue said...

Jaye, your story is heartbreaking, please know you are not alone.

Under COLOR OF LAW for profit, these cases are exploding, the perps are getting greedier, with no fear, with court approval.

There is power and strength in numbers, our army is growing, there IS recourse with the truth being told and exposed where it can make a difference, more recourse than you might know about to bring the criminals to justice.

It is imperative Jaye:

Please leave some identifying contact information so others can contact you.

Thank you for your efforts to warn others about what is waiting for them.