Saturday, July 17, 2010

CT Judicial Council Finds Probable Cause Against Probate Judge

A council investigating a complaint of professional or ethical misconduct by Probate Judge Bryan Meccariello has found probable cause and will hold a public hearing in September.

Samuel Manzo, an apparent heir to property left by Josephine Smoron, brought the action against Mecarriello.

Smoron died one year ago, leaving most of her 80-acre estate to Manzo in a 2004 will. But two months before she died, Meccariello approved a request by her former conservator to establish two trusts to hold all her assets.

The conservator, local attorney John T. Nugent, was named trustee. Nugent funded the trusts with Smoron's real estate and cash assets before Smoron died. According to court documents, the land was to go to three local churches, who would then sell it to local developer Carl Verderame for about $2 million.

Verderame needs the land for an access road to build a $118 million sports arena.

Full Article and Source:
Judicial Council Finds Probable Cause of Misconduct by Meccariello

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StandUp said...

What a way to start my day!

Mike said...

This is exactly what's needed in these cases where judge's conduct is in question.

I'm glad to see this article.

Sandi said...

I'm glad Probate Judge Bryan Meccariello's misconduct hearing is going to be public. So often, these things are shrouded in secrecy and that has to stop.

Please keep watch, NASGA. It will be interesting to know how this turns out.

Anonymous said...

What is there in the law which should allow this?

Do these judges think they're God?

Watching said...

This is the story Rick Green from the Hartford Courtant wrote about earlier this year. I'm glad to see the heat on this judge and hope for justice.

Ben said...

And what's at the root for all this? The same thing that is the root for many predatory guardianships: greed.

Robert said...

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