Thursday, July 15, 2010

Danny's Diary

As my story surfaces, it is quickly being recognized as one of the most unlawful and abusive conservatorships (guardianships) ever known.

I use the word “known” for a reason. Very few stories ever surface and this is by design. Our corrupt probate system uses this law for all the wrong reasons and have “designed” the racket to cover up their dirty deeds.

My case may not be near as horrific as many, but it’s enough so to get the idea across to the public. If this has happened to me think of the stories that have never been heard; the elderly locked away and medicated while their estates are drained, lining the pockets of these bottom feeders; attorneys who usually couple probate law practice with personal injury. Need I say more?

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Free Danny Tate!!!

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Thelma said...

You're a brave man, Danny Tate, and it took strong beliefs and a lot of strength to get you through the cesspool called the "Justice" system. We know what it is and we can call it "Just Us"!

Holly said...

I am truely sorry Danny Tate has to go through this but am thankful for the exposure his case is bringing to the corrupt probate system.
Don't think it can not happen to you!

helensniece said...

Keep standing up proud and tall Danny. Many would not come forward which is exactly what team probate wants to keep the truth about conservatorship / guardianship in the dark in secret ex-parte hearings with no transcripts = golden opportunity to trash state statutes and proceed illegally.

Let the sunshine in!

StandUp said...

Your case is so rotten, it surely will result in criminal charges, Danny. And that gives the rest of us hope!

Barbara said...

I am glad you are receiving so much publicity and I hope it will result in a victory for you. We are all in this together. A victory for you is a victory for all victims.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expressing the very thoughts and feelings we all have, Danny. God bless you.

Sylvia said...

Danny Tate is a remarkable person who will make a difference.

jerri said...

keep going with the facts at the evil opposition they deserve and earned your outrage somebody has to step up and hold them accountable for their actions and inactions all under color of law i don't buy it for one minute no sir in my opinion this is all about how much of your money they can put into their pockets and why oh why is the guy sitting on the bench the judge not seeing this going on for how long? they love dragging this out for attorney billing billing billing billing as long as you have 1 cent to your name after that if you are alive they will take the clothes off your back and your childrens backs they have no shame no morals no moral code of conduct no conscience no sir its all about your money directed their way

Watching said... is a great site. They can't deny the proof!