Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Police Badge Aids Con

The con man had a persuasive story -- they often do -- but he also had a police badge.

It was enough to convince a Minneapolis woman that he was genuine, so when he told her there was counterfeit money in her bank accounts that should be withdrawn, she complied.

The woman, 82, visited two banks on Friday and withdrew $28,000, police said. She then handed it over to the man with the badge. The problem: There was no such police investigation and no such officer; the badge was fake.

The alarming theft could be the second large haul for the fake cop in the past few weeks.

Full Article and Source:
Fake Badge Used to Bilk EDderly Out of Thousands: Believing They Were Assisting a Police Investigation, an 82-Year-Old Minneapolis Woman Gave Up $28,000 and a 94-Year-Old Richfield Woman Lost Nearly $10,000.


Betty said...

This is scary. Our elderly trust a person wearing a badge. Cons who impersonate police should suffer strict punishment.

Anonymous said...

I hope these victims weren't "protected" in to guardianship as a result of this low life.