Sunday, August 7, 2011

Attorney Turned Defendant

The case: In 2005, Frank Picl was a well-known defense attorney. That changed on March 15, 2005, when he was charged with bilking an elderly client out of more than $278,000 and leaving her to die penniless months later in a nursing home.

It was shocking; Picl was highly respected in the legal community. He eventually pleaded to theft and financial exploitation of the elderly. Month after month, he had withdrawn money from the woman’s accounts or closed her certificates of deposit. He obtained cashier’s checks ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. The money largely went to fuel a gambling addiction.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Picl has since been released after receiving day-for-day “good-time” credit.

Lyons’ thoughts: I was visiting my mother one night at Independence Village when I stepped onto the elevator with the facility manager, who said, ‘Hey, can I ask you a question?’

He told me about a small bounced rent check from my mother’s 85-year-old early Alzheimer’s neighbor. At first, I was like ‘OK, what does this have to do with me?’ Then the man said, “No one here bounces checks.”

The manager went on to say that the woman’s lawyer, a nice man, had later paid the bill but that another check had later bounced. I asked what the lawyer’s name was, and he said, “Frank Picl.”

My ears perked up. I shook my head.

I knew then I would be arresting my friend of 25 years whom I had long described as “the lawyer I would hire if I was charged with murder.”

The rest is history.

Lyons: Frank Picl, Attorney Turned Defendant


Thelma said...

Why is he still a lawyer?

Anonymous said...

When it comes to money, 'friendship' is ignored. Fame and money appear to push aside all rhyme and reason and place men and women above the law. Unfortunately, and all too often, these once 'good people' get away with crimes against the elderly, disabled and children, because it's business-as-usual. Mrs. Parks stood out among the millions. She stood up for the rights of a generation and population of people who would have forever had to 'sit in the back of he bus'. On August 12, 2011, GovAbuse.ort is holding a nationwide protest at court houses across America. The goal is for all of us to stand up to the Judicial and officers of the court (guardians) and say, "No, you can't take away our Constitutional Rights, or freedoms to choose, and break up our families." Unfortunately, too may people are afraid to participate, their lives are threatened, their sense of freedoms denied by a court system set up to serve and protect. I ask that everybody "Stand Up to Court Courts" on August 12, 2011 for if we do not attend this rally, we'll be forever, "sitting in the back of the bus" or not allowed to ride at all! We owe this to Ms. Parks, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy and so many people who stood up for Justice, and many lost their lives to give us that Freedom! Stand Up To Our Courts on Friday August 12, 2011: see for a protest at a court house near you and make Ms. Parks proud!

Anonymous said...

Because the same people who convicted and then paroled him are lawyers! don't you ever wonder why people go to law school? Because they want to grow up to control lives! They need to be the boss. People who know the law normally live above the law.

StandUp said...

It amazes me when lawyers turn into thieves. They're making beaucoup dollars, so I would think they wouldn't "need" to steal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the "highly respected" lawyers are the best crooks.