Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Silence of Kevin Moshier

Guardianships are like adoptions in that it is the obligation of the guardian to look out for the ward he has been put in charge of. Unlike adoptions, the guardian is supposed to act on behalf of the ward and make decisions as the ward would make for self if capable. And then there is the attorney to insure the rights of the ward. So, where has Kevin Moshier (the appointed attorney) been when Gary Harvey’s wishes have been trampled upon?

Just where was Kevin Moshier, the attorney who should be representing Gary against any wrongs, when the so-called ethic’s committee wanted to put Gary down by starving and dehydrating him to death? Did he stand strong and ask what these people were thinking and why they would even consider such a thing?

When they put the DNR on Gary, did Kevin Moshier demand they lift it?

When Sara Harvey’s visits with her husband were restricted, did Kevin Moshier step up to the plate and say, “I don’t think so. This is not what Gary would want. This is not in Gary’s best interest. Gary has a right to have time with his wife.” Did he? Of course he didn’t.

In all this silence and all this betrayal, does Kevin Moshier truly understand that he is representing a human being that once laughed and cried; had hopes and dreams?

Does Kevin Moshier realize that Gary may very well know what is happening around him? Does Moshier realize that Gary may very well know when Sara is around, when she is not and when he is very much alone? Does Kevin Moshier understand that Gary may realize that he has been shaved and hear every single whisper around him? Does he even care?

Many things we may not know, but there are a few we can be sure of. Gary Harvey isn’t hearing his attorney’s voice championing his cause, though it should be a voice heard loud and clear. Instead, the silence of Kevin Moshier (on behalf of Gary Harvey’s true wishes) is deafening!

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Tim Lahrman said...

who's your buddy who's your pal?

Not this lying piece of ****

I wonder if his wife and kids know what a liar this chump is?

Wonder if his parents are proud of the fact he grew up to be such a liar?

Who knows -- but I hope this lying piece of garbage sues me for calling him a lying piece of garbage so I can prove my point.

Sara Harvey Wife of Gary Harvey said...

How would you like this guy to represent your loved one?

Did a real crack up job with my husband and our marraige.

In fact I specifically remember a
time during christams holidays that the county stopped my visitation because I took my husband off insurance. For the month of December Gary was not allowed his
1st right amendment right to free assoctaion with his wife and 14th amendment right to family unity.

What Kevin Moshier did the appointed attorney who is supposed represent Garys wishes, desires and preferences proposed to the judge that we get ONLY 3 hours a week "supervised" visitation during a conference the day before Christmas with my former attorney.

Nice guy Right? How thoughtful.

Wonder if he gives his wife more than 6 hours a week.

I hope he does not do this to other innocent lives. Judgment day will come for Mr. Moshier and I will never forget what he has done to our life or forget what he has done to my beloved husband.

Shellshock said...

If I were Mrs. Moshier I would get my wishes, preferences and desires in writing now before it is to late.

Why and what would motivate him to do such a thing?

What did Gary or Sara Harvey ever do to Kevin Moshier?

Dan said...

In 2010 Kevin Moshiers pay...$113,769.00 minus the benefits, bonuses and kickbacks he gets from his county pillow buddies. wow....lets take a vote...Does New York State or any state think Kevin Moshier earned this kind of salary?

Anonymous said...

Moshier should be barred and his license taken away and never to practice law or harm anyone ever again. He is wrong dead wrong.

How does this SOB sleep?

Don said...

Anyone want to call and wake this guy up here is his number

**********607-271-9262 W **********
*********607-733-9496 H ************

I am sure he has an email...he is on Face Book...send him a message from the friends and supporters of Gary Harvey.

**********607-271-9262 W **********
*********607-733-9496 H ************

We are Mr. Harvey's voice..Let Kevin Moshier hear it!

Norma said...

Great article and queston. Why isn't this Kevin Moshier guy standing up for Gary Harvey? And how does he live with his conscience for being both silent and absent?

Holly said...

Based on what I know of this case and... I have researched it exensively, I STRONGLY BELIEVE that Kevin Moser is NOT protecting Gary Harvey but IS protecting himself. In my opinion Kevin Mosier has FAILED Gary Harvey miserable and is a disgrace to the legal profession.

Diane said...

It is easy Norma when you worship the devil and hide behind what he professes to be a christian at
North Presbyterian Church

921 College Ave.
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: (607) 734-2977
Fax: (607) 734-2978

Listen to his sermon about end of life issues.


lou said...

Dan, that would be PLUS the kickback, etc. would it not? Your point & mine is that Kevin Mosier isn't worth it. Glad he's not looking out for MY best interest!

Anonymous said...

Lets play "where is Kevin Moshier" like the famous game "where's Waldo"

Post it all over the internet and see who finds Kevin Moshier.

We could do this for his county pals too.

Ken said...

In Kevin Moshiers defense....I have read the transcript and everything is on the court docket finally after 5 years of NOTHING....Kevin states he is confused. Perhaps he is a bit confused on who he should sell out...
His pals and former county employee or a ward of NYS who he is supposed to protect.

John said...

With Attorneys like Kevin Moshier why do we need judges, adult protective services, child protective services or even courts in general.

Amy said...

Watch this youtube and make comments.

damn sad friggin pricks have deprived Gary of these tests and opportunities


Tim Lahrman said...

Kevin Moshier is a "mental hygiene legal services" attorney and yet in court transcripts he never asks any "mental hygiene" questions nor has he put forth any "mental hygiene" evidence or testimony.

Must be he has never read his job description, or the NY statutes that govern the scope and authority of his job -- or if he did,must be his comprehension skills are a bit lagging because nowhere does it say, deamonize the wife, interfere in the marriage contract, inflict emotional distress and lie about Tim Lahrman

Anonymous said...

Mr Moshier is like so many others in this area of the law, he will no doubt hide behind HIPPA saying he cannot speak to the issues, more likely he simply does not want to incriminate himself under the 5th amendment to constitution, when what he has done instead is sparked a social movement against his, and the courts conduct in examples such as Mr and Mrs Harvey have endured at the hands of these people and the hospital, even now the judge has been over ruked in her attempt to quash Mrs Harvey's status a Mr Harvey's wife.
None of this has ever had to happen to the Harvey's, nor the hundreds of others who are victimized and set upon by the injustice we see exemplified here, we shall not relent, there are 'miles to go and deeds to do before we rest'...and Mrs Harvey will not turn back, and we who support her will not abandon her in her quest.
Let the word go out across the land, from the mountains to the sea that this shall not stand!

izzy said...

I hope and pray Gary comes home to you soon Sara.

Becky said...

Is this guy Moshier a religious man? I just wonder if he's given a thought to how he's going to try to justify his actions when he's standing at the pearly gates.

Jack said...

He professes to be just go to his face book page. Can't wait to see what else is in store for Mr. Moshier. Hope he will be able to answer some questions when approached with national news media...That will be coming sooner than we had hoped.

Kevin said...

Moshier is a plant...You should see him at the community meetings to better our community..he sits and does nothing..projects get booted and I bet he is behind why our ideas are not successful.

Keith said...

good gawd this guy is taking a beating must be he is really a crappy attorney

wonder if he is reading about himself?

advocate said...

an acquaintance of mine has asked me to watch this case from out here on the ranch and it just so happens that in the cattle barn there is a branding iron that might fit this Moshier character to a tee.


for loser

NASGA said...

I would like to thank all who follow this case and who take the time to post a comment.

A few of our readers may not know this, but NASGA featured the Gary Harvey case on our first Open Letter to Congress and the White House (available online at www.AnOpenLetterToCongress.info) because it is a poster case for what gone wrong with guardianship and why the need for reform is so critical.

Gary Harvey is unable to take care of himself. Guardianship is designed to protect people like Gary; to act in his best interest and in accordance with his preferences.

But, what has it done instead? It has virtually made him a prisoner although he has committed no crime. He is isolated from his wife – the only person on the planet who knows his preferences and his wishes – and his only advocate.

The persons who are in control of Gary Harvey’s life and making all the decisions are making those decisions contrary to Gary’s preferences.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Gary Harvey doesn’t want to be isolated from his wife and friends – or be isolated from human contact and interaction at all.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Gary Harvey would want to be taken care of at home where he in familiar and comfortable surroundings and where he can hear birds singing through an open window.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Gary Harvey would want the very best of care; including a completely independent second opinion of his overall condition.

We all want these things for ourselves and it’s likely that Kevin Moshier would want these things for himself if he were in Gary Harvey’s circumstances or if one of his loved ones were in the same condition.

We all hope Kevin Moshier breaks his silence and starts advocating loudly for Gary Harvey.

Tim Lahrman said...

there is really no rhyme or reason Kevin Moshier has choosen to act and fail to act as he has expect

he is a former Chemung County attorney and what he actually did was lend his MHLS access to Gary to his former employer who had no cause to commence a social services proceeding

Must be Kevin is a "back-door man"

because that is precisely how Gary came to be where he is today --- they drug Gary into the system through the back door. SNeaky sneaky

Finny said...

Does this guy have any children of his own? Because if he does, he might think about what they're going to think of their Dad when they read what happened to Gary Harvey and that their Dad could have saved him, but chose not to.

He has a chance to remedy that now before it's too late.

Helen said...

Pray for Kevin Moshier even the very bad mistakes he has made. May the NYSBAR remove him and he goes to jail where he belongs.

I hope Gary Harvey and his family sues him.

Anonymous said...

clearly however NASGA, this Moshier dude is no rocket scientist and in fact the only science this guy has mastered is the science of how to take advantage of a disabled and defenseless man

Leo said...

Good post NASGA. The only science this guy has perfected is being a heartless bully on vulernable people. His heart is made of stone.

My guess as a kid he was beaten up on the playground. Bet he feels like a real man now.

Nancy said...

Think maybe Mr. Moshier has been in the MHLS business forgot what his job is? Maybe he thinks he is a patient himself and that is where all the confusion comes from.

Cindy said...

He does not look like an attorney. Maybe more like someone who just got out of the nut house...but then again you hang long enough with them you start acting them.

Attorneys like him makes the profession of judicial system look real bad.

Anonymous said...

Why was this guy not removed???

Has Mrs Harvey filed any complaints?

If not she should and he should be investigated.

Deb said...

"I'm confused"

infamous quote by Kevin Moshier

stan said...

round round get around, this story is getting around

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David said...

I feel sorry for this mans wife. I bet she did not know when she married him what he does or let's say DOESN'T do as his dutiesfor his clients to the familes of his clients.

I have faith that Kevin Moshier will get what is coming to him in due time. Gos is watching and God knows what is really in this mans heart.

Michi said...

I am feeling that people are making judgement without knowing the full pictures. It is easy to attack a person but trying to figure out what both sides of stories might not be as easy. I don't know Mr. Moshier personally. However there is no need to call people nasty names. If you want to see the justice then you should think about how to go about it without calling people names or making comments on people around him. You can control how and what you do and say but others'. Trying to insult to make a statement doesn't seem to be a justice to me.