Monday, July 29, 2013

Lawyer barred from practicing for mental health issues

Minneapolis lawyer Jill Eleanor Clark has been forbidden from practicing law for being "unable to competently represent clients because of mental health issues."

Clark, 56, of Golden Valley has been placed on "disability inactive" status by the state Supreme Court, which rules on attorney discipline cases.

"There is overwhelming evidence in the record that Clark has a serious mental health condition," the Supreme Court order, made public Wednesday, said.

Details of her condition were placed under seal, but some specifics emerged.

Her medical records show that "she suffered from extreme stress and anxiety during long stretches of 2012, and that this stress and anxiety severely affected her cognitive abilities and judgment."

On two occasions, she went "on the run" because of emotional crises, once leaving town for 10 days and once for three weeks, the order said. She was hospitalized three times during those crises.

Clark did not dispute that she had mental issues, the order said. She was temporarily suspended in January.

In July 2012, Clark filed a motion to disqualify the entire Supreme Court from ruling on her case. The court denied the motion.

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Lawyer barred from practicing for mental health issues


StandUp said...

All lawyers and judges should be regularly examined.

Thelma said...

Maybe they should have a psych test before they're "licensed."

Jean said...

And yearly thereafter, Thelma.

Anonymous said...

Good news!