Thursday, November 28, 2013

Unclear if Amish Girl Resumed Chemo Amid Fight With Hospital, Whereabouts Unknown

A 10-year-old Amish girl with leukemia and her parents haven't contacted a guardian appointed two months ago to make medical decisions for the girl after her parents stopped her chemotherapy treatments, the guardian's attorney said Wednesday.

It's unclear whether the girl has resumed treatments, and there are indications that the family has left its farm in rural northeast Ohio.

The girl, Sarah Hershberger, has not restarted treatments at Akron Children's Hospital, said Clair Dickinson, the guardian's attorney. He said it's not known whether she is undergoing chemotherapy anywhere else.

Doctors at the Akron hospital believe Sarah's leukemia is treatable but say she will die without chemotherapy. The hospital went to court after the family decided to stop chemotherapy and treat Sarah with natural medicines, such as herbs and vitamins.

An appeals court ruling in October gave an attorney who's also a registered nurse limited guardianship over Sarah and the power to make medical decisions for her. The court said the beliefs and convictions of her parents can't outweigh the rights of the state to protect the child.

The family has appealed the decision to both the appeals court and the Ohio Supreme Court.

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Attorney:  Unclear if Amish Girl Resumed Chemo Amid Fight With Hospital, Whereabouts Unknown

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Betty said...

I'm so worried about this family. I hope things turn out for them despite the hospital's unwelcome and wrongful intervention.

MELANIE G. said...

I think running is the smart thing to do. But if they're caught, they'll be in big trouble and I don't think anyone could save them then.

Ray said...


Norma said...

I feel for this family and can imagine what they went through in court.

Anonymous said...

Those parents should have no rights over the well being and death of that child. It iz amazing to me, that they were able to take that child out of the jurisdiction of the court, and no one seems to know if that child is receiving life saving treatment or not. Where law envorcement is needed, we do no have it, where it is not needed, they are engorcing judicial powers. eb

JoAnne Marie Denison said...

Not necessarily. Vitamin C at high enough levels in the blood stream, will kill 50% of leukemia cells within 2 hours. Vitmain C is a traditional cheap remedy for blood born cancers most natural medicine health care providers already know and which is acceptable to most anti-cut-poisoin-burn religions out there. If you use Lypospheric or Lyposomal type vitamin C 99%+ is delievered into the blood as opposed to only 5%of conventional vitamin c--the type sold at CVS/walgreens--mega drug stores. Many people know of it and have used it for everything from blood cancers to HIV, bacterial and viral infections. It is highly effective. Studies are published in the book "the Real Story of Vitamin C" available on Amazon or Kindle in minutes. The girl should be fine without cut-poison-burn and just Lypospheric of Lyposomal vitamin C, which is fairly well known at this time. Best thing for her is to do the vitamin C therapy for 2 weeks, get retested and they will just proclaim it a miracle or that she never had it and and her MD will say the tests were wrong. Cancer is idiocy.