Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Very Dangerous Nevada Law, Part 2

Rana Goodman
In the September issue I told you about Guardian Commissioner Jon Norheim who was appointed by Judge Hoskins 10 years ago. To and to my knowledge no commissioner has ever been considered to replace him.

I find it inconceivable to believe that no one in our justice system has questioned the mountain of allegations of impropriety and misappropriation of funds by guardians appointed over and over again by this man. More to the point, I find it fascinating that one guardian, Jared Shafer, the one receiving the largest quantity of appointments, thus revenue has never come into the line of fire of our district attorney.

You might ask why that caught my attention; well, Patience Bristol, another guardian,  is currently sitting in prison right now after making some type of plea deal with our DA. It must have been one hell of a deal because he struck 20 counts down to 1 and yet, although she learned all she knows about guardianship from Jared Shafer, he has not been charged with a thing. hmmmmmmm! So here are my questions.

Many things have been published by my colleague, Steve Miller over the last couple of years about Jared Shafer and Commissioner Norheim's behavior, so let us ask;

WHY hasn't the DA filed any charges against Shafer?

WHY does the Review Journal refuse to cover any type of story on these senior exploitations?

WHY don't our assemblymen and women do something about modification of this outrageous law?

WHAT gives these scumbags so much power, please don't tell me the DA and all these power people fear them?

inquiring mind wants to know, how about you?

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A Very Dangerous Nevada Law, Part 2

Jared Shafer

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Thelma said...

Money! Follow the money!

StandUp said...

Many people go to the warm states when they retire and their children remain in their home states. The law has got to provide for those children to be able to take care of their parents.

BAEA said...

It shouldn't be dangerous to retire. It's not just Nevada, it's everywhere. I think it's time to get in our beat-up Airstreams and hit the road.

Sylvia Rudek said...

Has anything changed?

Here is a direct quote how it worked in Wisconsin, Dane County one example of how a guardianship was established.

A representation of what was going on nationwide behind closed doors.

Here we are in 2014, the outcome is still the same, lawyers are out of the bedrooms appearing in courtrooms, their theater, before an audience:

Article in part:
"....Dane County probate registrar has seen big changes

When Daniel A. Breunig joined the Dane County Probate
Office in 1974, probate was undergoing a metamorphosis.

It had been – in the words of one retired judge – a “good ‘ol
boys network” kept apart from the other branches of the
county court and run by the senior partners from Madison’s
top law firms.

The probate court handled only probate matters,related guardianship matters, and mental health cases.

It was insular and, to some in the public, suspect.

Those who advocated increased accountability and other
reforms began to make their mark in the early 1970s.

Judge P. Charles Jones was elected probate judge, defeating a man who commonly held Chapter 51 commitment hearings while
perched on the edge of the individual’s bed and steadfastly
refused to recognize a right to counsel in these cases....."

On a personal note, deep appreciation and gratitude to retired Dane County probate registrar Daniel Breunig who assisted me and the heirs of Helen Fabis in State of Wisconsin vs Kathleen A Simane Rock County Case No.: 2005 CF 000301.

Anonymous said...

I want to know exactly the same! How can this persist when it is obvious our seniors continue to be exploited??

Why aren't more people outraged to the point of actually doing something; is it just because it hasn't happened to them yet?

That would be a very sad thought indeed.