Friday, September 19, 2014

Linda Kincaid Reports: Elder Abuse by Oakland Conservator Scott Phipps: Gwen Boozé Speaks Out

Oakland residents are concerned about Elinor Frerichs (91), fallen prey to an abusive conservator. Scott Phipps of Phisco Fiduciary instructs assisted living facility Lakeside Park to keep Elinor unlawfully isolated behind locked doors. No visitors. No phone calls. Elinor has no way to communicate with family, friends, or elder rights advocates.

On September 12, 2014, Phipps petitioned the court to permanently take away Elinor’s right to visitation. The Notice of Conservatee's Rights states Elinor’s right to attend hearings on her case. The Notice also states Elinor’s right to ask the judge to replace Phipps as conservator. Advocates across the country urged Phipps to allow Elinor to exercise her rights.

Phipps did not allow Elinor to attend her hearing. Phipps kept Elinor isolated on September 12, preventing Elinor telling the judge about the abuse she suffers at Phipps’ hands.
  • Elinor had no way to tell the judge that Phipps sold her family ranch without her knowledge or consent.
  • Elinor had no way to tell the judge that she loves her husband, and she opposed Phipps having their marriage annulled.
  • Elinor had no way to tell the judge how much she misses her little dog, Barker, also taken away from her.
Many Oakland residents fear they could be next to fall victim to similar abuse. Long-term Oakland resident and elder advocate Gwen Boozé eloquently expressed the concerns and fears of the Oakland community.
"I am just so sad and so scared that this could happen to me or even you, Supervisor. The short version is that there is a spunky lovable 91 year old woman that happened to outlive her friends and family and did it with millions of dollars to boot. Our justice system has taken away her human rights by greedy slick attorneys that legally get to spend her money while they lock her away and deny her telephone calls and friendly visitors. They even disposed of her little dog companion, Barker.  
The thing is, I just do not understand how they can continually get away with taking away her human rights. Since she has so much money, why can't she be afforded the dignity of living out the rest of her days in her own home with 24/7 registered and certified nursing care. They did not have to kill her dog. And she could at least get a new one. But no, instead of being humane, this Friday, September 12th they are asking the courts to further restrict her ability to receive visitors or telephone calls.  
I challenge you, Madam Supervisor. I challenge you to just go visit Elinor Frerichs at the Lakeside Park Memory Care Facility at 468 Perkins, Oakland, CA 94610. If they don't call the police on you, and allow you to visit with her, you will see that she is an adorable little old lady that deserves the respect we once gave our elders. At the very least, let her attend her own hearing on September 12, 2014. 
If after visiting with Elinor you find it in your heart to do something to stop this case of Elder Abuse and give her the dignity and human rights she deserves, I can't promise you anything but a warm heart and maybe you will never find yourself in such an awful position. 
My name is Gwendolyn M. Boozé and you can reach me by responding to this email. I appreciate your consideration and expediency regarding Elinor Frerichs' human rights."
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Elder Abuse by Oakland Conservator Scott Phipps:  Gwen Boozé Speaks Out

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Thelma said...

How can they continually get away with violating the law?

Finny said...

They disposed of her dog? What crime did the dog do that earned its execution?

Nancy said...

Well done, Gwen. I hope the Supervisors follow through for this woman's sake.

Thelma said...

To Finny:
That's one of the cruelest things you can do to a person - take away their beloved pet.