Saturday, October 14, 2017

Probate judge forced to resign, could face criminal charges

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M. -- A probate judge in southern New Mexico has been forced to resign in the face of some serious criminal charges.

According to documents from the Judicial Standards Commission, Sierra County Probate Judge Pam Smith will never be a judge in New Mexico again.

Documents show she's accused of using her position to allow her and her husband to take possession of a dead man's estate. The documents claim the Smiths then closed the man's bank accounts and transferred around $280,000 into their own accounts.

New Mexico State Police are investigating the accusations.

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Probate judge forced to resign, could face criminal charges


Betty said...

I don't get how she could have done this. Is her clerk compliant in this crime? It seems to me like the clerk would have seen warning flags. Maybe not. Or maybe it was the clerk who reported it.

tina d said...

Easy pickings this sleazebag got nailed and is this the first time? I hope the investigators are raking the layers of muck.

could face criminal charges.......huh? absolutely should be charged with no mercy adios to the slammer for this predator and her spouse.