Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2020 Whistleblower Summit: Marti Oakley's Guardianship Panel Presentation

Note:  Because of COVID-19, Whistleblowers from across the country were unable to gather in person at the annual Whistleblower Summit in Washington DC.    However, rather than skip the year entirely, the Summit decided to go forward with the Summit online.
Marti Oakley's panel on guardianship abuse is always a highlight of the Whistleblower Summit.

Marti Oakley’s discussion panel consists of Coz Skaife, Marsha Joiner, and Mary Whitten.

The first half of the discussion gives an overview of guardianship abuse through real court records from Montgomery County, PA, including how victims are ensnared in the courthouse, the use of court appointed doctors to deem citizens incapacitated (whether they are or not), flimflam financial paperwork submitted by professional financial guardians, the ignoring of power of attorney paperwork, and the revoking of citizens trusts and handing them over to “professional” guardians.

The second half of the discussion covers hospice abuse, including how they profit, inappropriate drugs prescribed and their side effects, the alarming criteria for who qualifies for hospice, as well as useful books and internet sides for reference.

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