Sunday, November 28, 2021

Prominent Denver attorney disbarred following suspension of law license

Robert Corry's license was suspended after a string of arrests in 2019.

Nate Lynn

DENVER — A prominent Denver attorney whose law license was suspended after a series of run-ins with the law has been disbarred.

Robert Corry was an advocate for marijuana law reform who co-wrote the 2012 amendment that legalized recreational cannabis in Colorado. He was also the first attorney to represent Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, the semi-truck driver convicted of vehicular homicide and 23 other charges after a fiery crash on Interstate 70 in Lakewood that left four people dead in 2019.

But after Corry was arrested four times that year, including once for DUI, he and Aguilera-Mederos announced they had mutually parted ways.
Corry's law license was suspended for 366 days in November 2020 after a disciplinary judge said he had violated 13 Rules of Professional Conduct. Six of those violations were later dismissed.
According to the order approving Corry's disbarment, he was given 14 days to settle his affairs and give notice to any parties in pending matters and litigation.
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