Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Concealed Weapon Charge

A man is out on bond after he was arrested for bringing a gun into the Ward County Courthouse.

52 year old Casey Tompkins entered the courthouse security checkpoint just before 11:00 a.m.

Authorities say the handgun was found in his backpack.

Tompkins was at the courthouse for a guardianship hearing.

He posted bond and was released from the Ward County Jail pending a court appearance.

Man Caught with Handgun at Courthouse


we the people said...

Why is Mr. Tompkins willing to take drastic measures at a guardianship hearing? I wonder who he is angry with and why?

Anonymous said...

The judge in my case always wore a gun under his robe. He hid it well so most people wouldn't know.

One day, he walked in the clerk's office and pointed the gun at the workers there, laughing, and saying it would be so easy for him to kill them all.

And he walked out smiling and laughing at how funny and entertaining he was.

The judicial discipline committe thought he was joking too, apparantly.

Anonymous said...

Is it the cold loney winters that freezes their brains and drives some of these people over the edge?

Anonymous said...

Tompkins was probably pissed at the lake of Justice in Guardianship/Probate Court. It's not easy to be civil when the PERPS are robbing your parent of their life's savings and placing them in old folks warehouse and then mock you in your face in their kangaroo court. Yea, I can see his point. If he blew the PERPS away and I was on the Jury, he'd get a FREE PASS! LOL