Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grabel Says...

Stew Grabel with the Pima Council on Aging says scam artists prey on seniors because of their trusting nature, and, in some cases, diminished mental capacity.

Grabel: "After a financial abuse or exploitation, an individual's lifespan is significantly reduced, 2 or 3 years, so it's not just money. It's how it affects someone's life."

The government says at least 5 million Americans become victim to financial scams every year, and 4 out of 5 perpetrators are their own family members.

Grabel: "Families have always tried to collect the estates before the individual passes away."

That's why Grabel says no one has heirs while they're alive. That's also why a trusted family member or professional should be around to help protect vulnerable seniors from scam artists, and keep an eye on where their money is going. Grabel says be careful of who you hire to care for a senior and help with their finances.

Full Article and Source:
Scammers targeting the elderly


Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment by NASGA reader in the article -
You owe families an apology, Mr. Grabel.

psych101 said...

As a psychologist, I would conclude: Mr. Grabel is speaking about his intentions within his own family.

SpeakUp said...

Ah, that's a good thought, psych101, Grabel did a Freudian slip!

A comment like this should scare the elder community out of their wits.

The Council on Aging is supposed to be helping -- but I'd be afraid to even walk by their door.

Anonymous said...

This kind of bias against the family is what NASGA is up against.

Most families care for their loved ones -- and feel priviledged to do so.

A statement like Grabel's gets my goat.

Yeah, he owes families an apology. ALL families, including his own since he didn't exclude them in making his comments.

Anonymous said...

Grabel should be fired for making such a biased and comment about families.

Shame on him. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grabel, your comment about families "always" blah blah just makes me sick.

Sue said...

I second the motion for Mr. Stew Grabel to resign post haste. He is not qualified to speak on behalf of.......anyone!

Anonymous said...

"That's why Grabel says no one has heirs while they're alive."

Then, at the bottom of the pretend "public service piece," Grabel has a list of contacts, the services of which if availed, would assuredly land an elderly person in probate court with an "appointed" non-family guardian/conservator who often assures that there will be no heirs, because there will be no estate left before the early demise of the supposedly family "scammed" elderly person.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some family members are bad, but certainly not nearly all.
I find his comment very careless and thoughtless of the good family members.

Anonymous said...

Grabel's mindset threatens everyone who is vulnerable or elderly.

Yes, he should be fired.