Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mother Charged with Abduction

Police say 10-year-old Pepper M. McCadden and 12-year-old India S. Lovelace were taken from the bus stop.

Their grandmother and legal guardian says she saw the two girls being forced into a white van by their mother, 43-year-old Jennifer Masters Westscott.

Westscott does not have custody.

Police found the children at Sterling Trace Apartments on Beaver's Mill Road.

They had to get a search warrant to enter the home because Westscott would not answer.

Police say they had to knock the door down to get inside.

The kids are alright, and headed back to grandma's house.

Westscott's been charged with abduction.

UPDATED: Amber Alert canceled for missing girls in Danville

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Anonymous said...

These family tug of wars always end up traumatizing the children.

It's natural for a mother to want her children, of course, but one would hope she'd think of the children's best interests instead of her personal wants.